Layalina Magazine: A Different Take On Jordan

I still don’t get this magazine. It’s almost like a high school year book except only the cool kids get to have their pictures featured. Actually, it’s exactly like a high school year book. I found Osama Hajjaj’s take on it to be pretty funny and quite telling.

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  • I don’t get it either. I discovered it this summer in Jordan and to be honest, I was not that surprised at the level of immaturity that magazine highlights. It’s superficial in every sense of the word.

  • loooool 🙂
    But the best thing about this magazine is that when ever I open it I see the picture of some one I know hehehe mo 6abee3y sho fiha sowar nas 🙂

  • I’ve seen a few issues of it … I took it as a relatively pathetically interesting attempt at featuring the ‘Greatest’ & ‘Latest’ … The ‘Elitists’ Stars of West Amman captured in their best dressed to impress looks spotted at local upscale hangouts! What’s in town and what’s around it type of thing! These people try too hard!

    people dig this time of stuff!

    Nas, it’ll be interesting reading your thoughts about life in Jordan. I hope you will be able to keep us posted here!


  • Iman, i totally agree with you, it’s so depressing to see how low things are getting, stupid way to imitate Lebanese Magazines which they had been doing this since the 80s !!!

    Let’s face it, it’s not only Layalina Magazine, i have seen other Jordanian magazines that are even worse, targeting young girls and boys, then we complain and wonder why this generation are weak, little , with absolutely no integrity ..

  • Lalina is a very delightful. Stop being so critical and obnoxious….. if u want something serious and get time magazine or Forbes, this magazine has no doubt made its way through by hard work and dedication and also to just put a smile on everyones faces!! If anything, If anyone knew the editor/CEO, you would see that this magazine was made just for enjoyment and to make u crack a smile. Stop Hating ppls!!

  • Hi Guys,

    I live in London at the moment and used to read Layalina when I was in Jordan. Sorry to dissappoint the intellectuals amongst you but in every society and country there are light magazines such as Hello Magazine here!!!! Layalina is not exactly claiming to be the Economist and it’s not but it’s fun if you like these types of magazines and if you don’t then DONT READ IT!!! and dear Moi, it looks like you were pretty sidelined in school…get over it!!!

  • Silly,meaningless,waste of money,work,and time. It represents a class of people that is very slight in our society regardless of the majority of our community that doesnt find anything to eat!!!!!!!!!!!! come on!!!! it is just fake!! nothing to read,nothing to utilize,just alot of pictures that squint ur eyes,make ur eyes tired,feel that ur arms and ur eyes need a rest from it!!! and it shows people over the countries that this is Jordan,although IT IS DEFINITELY NOT!!!! THEN WHAT A GENERATION THAT WE R RAISING WITH THESE KINDS OF MAGAZINES THAT TAKE PICTURES FOR PEOPLE AROUND THE MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • will guys maybe what u r saying is true,but when u r far from home,its nice to c whats going on in can anyone tell me whats laylinas website!!

  • I think it’s nice..people living the good life and showing off …why not ..they’re happy,goodlookin and havin a great time
    i personally enjoy lookin at the pictures so much,i like seeing people havin a good time with style…
    that class of people in jordan is what makes jordan nice..keep it up yu guys…great pics
    yu think it’s silly…too bad…with all do respect to yur openion …these people are providing a new level of entertainment that yu’re just not used to
    great job layalina
    a step forward

  • If you want to know whats going on in amman, read about CSR and social initiatives in the city, read about the water problem and the enviornmental challenges facing jordan, read about the unemployment, read about the government vs IAF, read about the health hazards from the cement factory in fuheis, read about the GAM initiatives to advance (if u can call it that) the infrastructure of the city. Then to cool off go have a drink at a pub, even though amman pubs are mediocre at best, but thats fine, work hard then party hard. What I saw from most these people that appear on Layalina, in other words many of the youth of amman, the wanabe bourgeois, what i saw is a total lack of content, its not that they go out and party or that they are in layalina, thats fine, but what layalian seems to inadvertedly (or maybe not) portray is a tiny superficial rich society, and for Genius wafa, who says they are what makes amman nice let me tell u something, if drunk good looking youths are what make a society nice, then amman is pretty fugly…….sorry go to LA chicago milan, where people wear their styles originally and naturally, kids amman look like they came out of a conveyor belt, freakin cut and paste boring so damn blah…nothing interesting to look at, ud hope that they would have something good to say but nah, the only publication they have ever been a part of would be layalina…..
    Thank god there are people like NAS, who i disagree with alot, in Jordan, at least he cares about issues that affect the rest of society, not the movers and shakers….pun intended

  • judging people is what we do best nowadays
    talkin the big talk,and never doin anything..judging people based on appearence..
    us humans we judge people and condemn them,before we judge ourselves ..especially if they have what we lack
    sad but true
    have the strength in yu to accept the fact that not all people are the same,and that there are people who are living better thatn yu ever will
    live with it
    if yu see problems that need to be resolved
    don’t just criticize others for not doin it
    but i guess it’s alot easier to talk …than to actually do something
    talk is cheap

  • I have to agree with Markus here. I am an American woman, from New York City (I think we can all agree, one of the capitals of style in the world). I’ve spent a good deal of time in Amman (with my then fiance and now husband), being shown around by wealthy bourgeois, and hanging out with fairly normal intelligent middle class people. Firstly, I have always said that Amman is exactly like being in high school all the time. Everyone is way more worried about what other people are doing than they are about living their own lives. And my god, I think that if the women in Jordan stopped wearing eyeliner the world’s eyeliner businesses would go under. Everyone there looks like they just stepped out of a J Crew catalogue. Now this in itself is not grounds for criticism etc. But the idea that this concept of petty one-upmanship with washed out over-generic style should be the founding principle and guiding light of an entire MAGAZINE, bought only by people so happy to see their own faces in print that they will buy it, is just frankly SAD.

    My husband (now an expat of Jordan) would like to comment as well, specifically in response to Wafa. He has it on good authority that about 60% of the people whose pictures are intended to be published in Layalina, come to their offices begging to have the pictures edited or swapped for fear their fathers or family would see it and take issue with their dress or companions. If this is the forward thinking, cutting edge class that you are talking about, then it might be a while before the cutting edge class catches up with the rest of the world.

    It is definitely worthwhile to put a bit more energy into the social issues in any country that affect the real quality of life for everyone.

  • Guys you are taking it too seriously,im not saying i like the magazine but im saying i hate it, think about it did you ever wake up wondering where would you go tonight because you got bored of all the places youve been to in amman then you take a look at layalina check out the places find out which place suites you best get its number and just go out the same night to it the problem with layalina is that it only shows you people sitting in the place imagine if they actually took a couple of pictures of the place itself added its number what type of music is being played in the place .. if they made a calender of the event in different places then it would be a bit of use to everyone.. all im saying is that amman is getting bigger and if your one of those people who’d like to be well informed about the night life in jordan you should help such magazines to improve instead of just saying its stupid, i mean saying its stupid or its a waste of time is not gunna help theyre making money and theyre here if we like it or not..

  • hey guys,the whole world is changing and we have to move on with it.. stop just leaving comments and do something to improve and increase of quality of living. it is true that there are alot of problems we are facing but together we can to something useful better than this!!

  • Well, in the matter of fact I do think that Layalina gives no actuall education, “its not like we are so educated or so” but at least it gives us/me one or tow hours of intertainment, and some updates in Amman’s day/nigh life.

    For the guys who think that its a useless magazine; I bet you cant resist checking the magazine out if you -by any chance- found it on your desk or on your baddy’s …


  • I think it is one of the most stupid magazines!!! if u look to the pictures of people inside it u will say how on earth that Jordanian people suffers from price increases and low income!!!

    I don’t know what kind of generation this magazine is hardly trying to make!!

  • hey guys ,,
    i like this magazine very much and i have every one since 5 years,so come on people f u like it read it and f u dont then doooooooont read it ,, u dont have to !!!!!!!! go read board magazines ,,and see board people

  • I have NEVER EVER in my life , heard of a magazine anywhere in the world (UK, US, France etc.) where random ordinary people post their wedding pics in a magazine on every supermarket’s shelf! i mean for gods sake these r wedding pictures! sacred!! lol

    Layalina and the people behind it know the country is engulfed in shallowness and “look at me” ideology, so they targeted that well… first its ur wedding, then its ur nightclub picture wearing absolutly nothing, then random girls start modelling…..then the ultimate BOMBSHELL:

    MISS LAYALINA! lol i think for a human being, or any being that doesnt walk on four, to feel any slight sense of pride or arrogance or self achievement or self worthiness or self services or any self fil dinya lol coz she was elected miss layalina, i.e. miss of a $3 magazine, its just beyond comprehension….they have a group on facebook with thousands of members and votes and cheering msgs – “dont listen to them susu, they are just jealous, you are the REAL miss layalina” – Lulu


  • so they gave us Newsweek, Time and The Economist, and we gave them back Al Shabaka, Hatim wi Layalina lol oh and Couples , and Pulp, and sho isimha hadeek el more intellectual one, oh Living Well! (i only know all this coz of waiting time at my barber lol), where you read deeply engaging and original material such as “10 ways to lose your man” and some 20 year old has her own column who will tell you the only problem left in Jordan is that “most nice men are unattractive and most attractive men are gay!” (something she probably just saw in a chick flick) or the even more threatening to jordan’s existence “why a man sleeping around is hailed a player and a woman considered a slut!!”….jad so in touch with our culture…..

  • Hello readers,

    We can’t have every thing serious in this life, sometimes human need to read and see some fun subjects, and layalina magazine contain both things fun and serious news, so why don’t we enjoy it, for people who are looking for fun and fashion…. etc and for people who are looking for some news also can find what they need.

    P.C many places have to have this kind of magazine so guests can enjoy their time.


  • Dear All,

    Well maybe I agree that we don’t have to take everything seriously,but in our case in our country this layalina magazine with my total respect doesn’t reflect the real people,society,and type of living in Jordan,
    really when I take a look at what’s going on in Jordan through this magazine I feel like it’s not Jordan ,everything is fake,as people go to these places just to show themselves and take stupid pictures although in reality most of them are not allowed to go out with their boyfriends or girlfriends in public in get drunk till the middle of the night .

    Regarding what Markus and Nicole said ,I totally agree with them so come on guys stop being silly and see what’s going on in the east side of Amman,we are all Jordanian,living in the same country,so stop hiding the real image beneath your pictures published in such magazines,so open your eyes and take a look around.

  • Londoner: perhaps you should invest in an issue of Tatler or even Hello. The only difference is that Layalina is more like a newsletter for West Ammanis who all know each other than a serious magazine

  • WOW!!!! this is amazing , i can keep reading till the end of time! wake up people, the magazine is GREAT! if it wasn’t great it wouldn’t be as successful as it is nowadays.

    The fact that all this hate is spreading is either you dont accept the fact that there can be a difference of Our culture, that we can bring joy and a smile to people’s faces, or the fact that people are enjoying their time doing other activities in their lives, and you are not!

    When i used to live in Jordan , i used to read the magazine and see what’s new, new restaurants, places ,new events and a little bit of news here and there. Reading someting that’s real and happening in our daily life and that’s going to leave a smile on my face when i see a friend of mine in a nice restaurant with his family , or a coworker’s wedding pictures.

    Come on , the world is not going to end if you actually laugh for a minute or two.

  • well , please wake up , shit happens , like what is annoying you in this magazine , if you’re not liking it , that’s simple, dont buy it!

  • Chill out people! relax… why so judgmental? every individual on earth has different opinions and perspectives on things (try to accept that). you cant force people to think the way you do! I think Layalina is great, showing the different photography talents out there, and interesting to know whats happening in Jordan (many of the major highlights). they may show the middle/upper class in Jordan, but why would anyone want to see the cup half empty?
    if your upset about those poor people out there not eating, then go feed them yourself. talking is not enough. you need to take action!

    People! We need to have some positive attitudes in this country… it’s a great place to be if only people are more easy going. Peace!

  • Alright I’ve never commented on a blog before, although the Sex in Amman blog may be more deserving that this one, but here goes…

    Photographic talents? Whatchu talkin’ about Willis? There’s a random stranger visiting “hot spots” in Amman asking people to pose for pictures using the automatic focus and flash options on his camera. And if you were ever so lucky to be approached by this stranger, he may even ask for your name.

    People photographed in London, LA, or NYC are celebrities, which in essence means that…wait…a light just went off in my head.

    These people in Layalina are OUR celebrities-in Jordan. You know, the rich and well-known, who have talent or lack thereof. Now this magazine makes sense!

    Good gracious, does anyone know how Diana Korazon lost all that weight?

  • sho 2a3deeen bet5abso, kenkom mesh 3arfeen el 2esa!!!!! ma el wade3 sar zbale wo 5ls and we all know it. and some are taking advantage of that to make money/.


    it is all a big looooooooop.
    so take it easy coz therz nuthing to do about it.

  • if we improve it with some new ideas,the more readeres it will get ,he first important thing to tell us the events before one week so excited will be when it includes what will happen then what happened next week try it

  • i’m 23 years old and i really have fun while reading this magazine ok maybe there is some complain that all the girls are wearing not our traditional clothes i mean wearing mini skirts , backless shirts , strapless and taking pictures . maybe they are were not thinking of theire pic gonna be seen by evryone . so it only was a complane

    keep it up layalina ur the best

    with all my love NADIA

  • Hahaha…
    I was shocked at first, amazed at how such private and top-security data could be released with such freedom in a culture that is so CLOSED, where women are locked in boxes of steel-on-wheels and concrete, not to mention wrapped in swathes of cloth enough to make bedding for a child.

    It’s funny.
    And the men. My goodness. Bahhoush and Tarrou2a?

    I wonder if Susu and Lulu would be just as pleased if Layalina started distributing in Wihdat?

    Prepare the Guillotine in the downtown square..

    OR, laugh and carry on.

    It is a welcome break to see happy, well-dressed (well, dressed- sort of- beats the Burqa), well-fed people enjoying themselves for a change. Or would you rather carry on watching the real-life misery around you and do nothing but complain as well?

    Every Riverdale needs its Veronica.

    Go, Miss Layalina!

    We love you, girl!

    You are our Pink Bubblegum Princess.

  • Woow Voyager.. what a loser! i’m running out of words.. grow up would you please and write something useful, if not keep it shut.

  • You all forget that with few media companies in Amman, publications that appeal to the masses (Layalina) help fund more niche publications which can have difficulty selling ads. The criticism is justified, but it is also a business strategy for a small market.

    It is also shocking that no one mentioned the sheer waste involved – think of all the paper and energy used to produce something that has been rendered redundant by Facebook!

  • Ah ya leeeeeelll~!


    Clever Layalina is cashing on the airheadedness of Jordan- even dirt-poor idiots do it in this country – of paying attention to everybody ELSE’s lives while thinking the whole world is about themselves.

    If I were a terrorist, I’d take my pick.
    Norwegian diplomat, you say? I’ll shoot him.
    NICE residence, thanks for showing me the door in your event picture.
    I’d make money if I were a burglar.
    Your diamonds, madame, ah, thank you- and goodbye!

    Ah ya leeeeeeellll!

  • @Buzz:

    Your ridiculously short and unclear response brings me to this:

    I am under no obligation to cover for your lack of intelligence and imagination.

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