My Rushmore

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I have an appreciation if not a fascination with great film directors who have the ability to really define a scene with a song so that every time you hear it the scene will replay in your mind. I spent the day unwinding so I popped in my Rushmore DVD which I hadn’t seen in quite some time, only to be reminded of some of the classic scenes. Rushmore, being Wes Anderson’s second film and Jason Schwartzman’s first, has achieved a type of cult status in recent years. The over achieving private school student who does terribly academically, suddenly deciding to try his luck with love.

Anderson always picks these classic rock and roll songs from the 70’s. Our protagonist Max Fischer falls from grace to the tune of The Who’s “You Are Forgiven”, decides to redeem himself to the acoustic beauty of Cat Steven’s “The Wind” and ends up succeeding with the DJ spinning “Oh Lala” by The Faces, a song I think a lot of people can’t get out of their heads after watching it…

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