The Ammani Guy’s Guide To A Dream Girl

A follow up to the post: “How To Get a Girlfriend in Amman”
I think I’m in love…

[click image to enlarge]

[A Big Hat Tip to Lina Ejeilat]


  • hahahaha “Ù?ابÙ?Ø© Ù?Ù?تحجب|”

    You know I think getting the chick was at least more realistic, but this? 😀

    Good luck finding the dream girl! 😀

  • He’s doing a great job, hal Osama! hehehe

    what’s more to come?
    I think he should start making up a series or something
    and bind them up in a nice book. I would so buy it, just
    as I did with Abu Mahjoob and Emad Hajjaj.


  • So Ammani guys want a good looking girl, intellectual, dresses to impress, hate all stupid TV shows and is into news,documentaries and can talk politics and is not after stupid things?

    On the other hand, Ammani gals are looking for a guy who watches girly shows like OPRAH,ALIAS, STATE Academy and other stupid shows? A guy who got the latest cell phone, rich, trendy, a party animal and so on?

    In conclusion he’s saying: Girls are superficial, guys are not?

    Anyways where do you get these cartoons ? COuldn’t find them at

    I think his first cartoon was way better, this one, I dunno, sometimes it’s good to quit while you are at the top.

    PS: The face is not that inviting :D, I mean the make-up, the eyes, the lips, she needs a plastic surgery ;)!

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