British The Enemies of Islam?

When Nabeel Al-Jaourah shot at a group of tourists last September and killed a British man, he was questioned and the main reason given for his action was his desire to avenge his brother’s death who was killed in an Israeli air strike years ago. And although he pleaded innocent (I don’t know how one does that) the latest explanation seems to be much broader, incoherent and a tad cliche.

These are some of things he said in court recently:

“Allah blessed me when I killed a British man and hurt others, because they are fighting the Prophet and his soldiers since the Balfour Declaration,”…

“The British people â?¦ insulted the honorable Quran and women who wear the head cover.” [source]

The prosecution is calling this a confession.

The Telegraph said something I found to be interesting:

Like the self-confessed killer of Mr Stokes, large numbers of Jordanians are ethnic Palestinians who resent Western policy in the region of which Jordan is a key part.

I think there’s something wrong with the wording because I had to read that sentence a few times as it gave me the impression that they were implying all Jordanians of Palestinian origin who disagree with policy are inclined to become killers.


  • HI,
    Actually, I’ve been in london for a long time..
    i never see a freedom in religions as i see there.. moreover no one cares if they are all jordaninas from palestinian origin or vice versa…
    people in london are sooo proud of themselves so they dont care what others do!!
    and about origins issue, i think it is just a try to spark the racism issue.

    and about muslims in london, if you know, The queen chose a mosque which was a target for racists attacks in the recent past and asked upon entering the hall of prayers “at which direction Mecca is?” Muslims pray facing the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

    This mosque, however, has been a target for racist demonstrations during which its windows were destroyed and slogans such as “Kill the Muslims” were written on it.

    The queen was given a copy of the holy Koran in English and Arabic. It will be kept in the royal records in Windsor castle.

    This visit, however, falls in the course of a series of visits carried out by the Queen to prayer centers of all major religions in Britain during celebrating her Golden Jubilee for assuming the throne.

    and every muslim says that they are undisirable to stay in UK, because they are the last people who wanna leave and they are the last people who wanna participate in any manifestation, and the last people who wanna pray!!

    about what happens to muslims there is a mirror of what happenes to british in Muslims countries as the key value says: “One By One”
    good luck

  • A nice news today is that a British racist will spend 15 months in prison because he spitted on a women wearing niqab.

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