Hours after the latest US veto in the UNSC on Israel’s Beit Hanoun massacre, Arab ministers met and the Arab league’s Chief Amr Moussa called the veto “incomprehensible”. After the usual lengthy meeting the ministers decided it was time to end the freeze on Palestinian aide in protest of the incomprehensible veto. Arab banks have previously refused to transfer funds to Palestine for fear of US penalties.

Go ahead…ask the pertinent question.

Here are some quotes to help you:

“There will be no compliance with any restriction imposed … The Arab banks have to transfer money [to the Palestinians]. Our message is loud and clear to those who take unfriendly positions against Arabs.”
– Amr Moussa.

“There will no longer be an international siege,” – Sheik Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s foreign minister.

“Most banks follow their governments. They must remove the blockade.” – Mohammed Awad, secretary general of the Palestinian cabinet.


  • If the money is going to Hamas then it’s a problem.

    Anyways, Nas think about it.

    1. The Hamas government is already dismantled
    2. A non-Hamas government is on its way
    3. It will take at least 3-5 weeks for the money to actually get transfered thanks to the Arab bureaucracy, so in 3-5 weeks the new government will be in power

    I mean seriously, if the Arab league (Arabic regimes) had the well, they would have done this long time ago, when Arafat was sieged and forced to fail !

    Palestinians must learn to stop whining asking for Arab regimes help and start helping themselves,end militias, lawlessness.

    I’m shocked that the Arab league is shocked by the US veto, seriously c’mon what were you expecting.

    Anyways the whole UN resolution even if passed, it’s useless,I recommend that they read the draft and know little bit about the UN resolutions. Ask Gali, he knows.

  • Salaam Everyone,

    Well, I have to disagree on this one.Everything has a reason, and is comprehensible, the following long article might help:

    this is a great website in the honour the American girl Rachel who was driven over ‘twice’ by an Israeli buldozer, before she died.Why have the Americans kept silent about that?

    Attitudes and reactions of Isreal and America have never been surprising…but it is only us the Arabs…’the victims’ who know how it works whearas the majority of Americans are mislead into thinking that siding with Israel is their ‘national priortiy’… and hence Rachel’s website called (…

    I would also add if ArabsKnew since we ourseleves, as individuals, have a lot of reading to do as well…

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