Sixty Seconds Of Madness

I’m not much of a gamer (anymore) but with PS3 out all the gaming companies are running their creative ads for the Christmas season. The commercial for Gears of War (on XBOX 360) is very different and dare I say even metaphorical. Instead of the typical macho heavy metal music and scenes of guns blazing and carnage overload, the song “Mad World” sets a completely different mood. The reason why I find it metaphorical and perhaps even a little ironic, is that the commercial will come on in the middle of other consumerist seasonal commercials like Sears trying to sell you a cashmere sweater. Or it will come on right after the news anchor has just informed the viewers about the latest death toll in Iraq.

And it’s not an easy task. Imagine capturing 60 seconds of madness. What scenes would you show? What song would be your backdrop?

Note: Mad World is originally a Tears for Fears song but this is a cover by Gary Jules that appeared in Donnie Darko.


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