Youngest Jordanian Blogger (Hal’s Brother)

For some wacky reason I couldn’t wipe the huge grin off my face while reading Hal’s latest post on her 11 year old brother, Kareem aka the K-Man, who has recently started blogging. But I quickly became aware of the grin and wiped it away because I remember being 11 and I remember people wearing that same grin on their faces as if to say “you silly kid” and all the while I was screaming for someone to take me seriously. Foolish grins are a sign of adulthood: how quickly one wipes it away is a sign of how quickly one can remember their childhood.

I digress…

Allow me to quote Kareem in his first post which naturally got the gears in my head to turn:

So, i smarty-pants decieded to have a blog . Now people think I’m a crazy little wacko goofing around . Well hear this, i am going to be the youngest ever blogging kid.

Now at 11 years old I figured out how to play duck hunt on my big sister’s Commodore 64, before of course taking it apart. At 11 I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time. But here’s the thing: at 11 I didn’t have goals. I’m 23 and I’m not sure I have goals. I’m not talking about the broad abstract aspirations like wealth, fame and world domination, but specific things. At 11, I would never think to make a statement like “I am going to be the youngest” anything.

I did some Googling and discovered there are a handful of younger bloggers out there and one of them happens to be seven. However, Internet usage in the Arab world as it is, I would hereby declare Kareem to be the youngest Arab blogger in history and certainly the youngest Jordanian blogger in history.

You have to admit, it’s impressive.

Something to be proud of.


  • Nas, this post is SO SWEET of you! Seriously, I copied it and pasted it, and I hope I can show it to Kareem some ten years down the road. Or at least, show it to him in a couple of days when he decides he doesn’t want to blog anymore (anything could happen!) Thank you for this – you are definately one person I’d love to meet!

  • Hal: thanks for dropping a comment. Just promise you’ll do all you can to keep the k-man blogging: by older-sister-force if necessary. 🙂

  • ive checked out his blog, saw it on jordan planet. its impressive. i got bored of my blog after 2days! it’ll be interesting to see the world thru the eyes of an 11yr old.

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