Autumn Music

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a playlist. So in honor of Toronto’s beautiful autumn here’s what I’ve been listening to as I walk through leaf covered parks on my way to wherever. From the soulful Ben Harper to the electric Mayer to the political stylings of Public Enemy; call it autumn-music:

Empty Road – Matthew Good
Ice Age – Pete Yorn
Stop This Train – John Mayer (a coming-of-age story or a quarter-life crisis)
Waiting On An Angel – Ben Harper
How Do You Go On? – Pete Yorn
Overkill – Benjamin’s Gate
Bold As Love – John Mayer (proving he can set an electric guitar on fire)
He Got Game – Public Enemy (sampling Steven Stills; what more do you want from hip hop?)

You can check them out on The Black Iris Radio.

p.s. check out Pete Yorn’s new album Nightcrawler, in case I don’t get around to reviewing it.


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