Are We Safer One Year Later?

Fellow Jordanian blogger Oula Farawati is writing an interesting article for Living Well Magazine about Jordan post Amman Bombings and how people feel about security. It’s an important topic given that we are approaching the one year anniversary of that dreadful day that changed a lot in our kingdom. In her latest post Oula poses the following questions for her readers:

Q: do you feel that Jordan is safe?

Q: do you think that the new security measures in hotels and malls are necessary?why, why not?


  • We will never be safe with such policies.

    The Alghad article above is a sign of worst times to come.

    the article is shocking. To know the jordanian security is actually pursuing and possibly torturing Shiite jordanians and iraqis because of their religious beliefs is horrific and utterly repugnant. But I guess this is where the US stomach for reforms ends and where its true nature shows. not one word of protest from the white house, who are quick to denounce anti-semitism, but seem content when a sidekick enages in religious persecution. so long as the persecuted are disliked by the US and West.

    We are witnessing the dark ages descend on Jordan where people are being persecuted for their beliefs. Not only did democracy never materialized in Jordan, now freedoms of the press and relaxed only to allow hate to propagate.

    Will there be a violent backlash to this persecution? I think this is the desired outcome. and common jordanians will suffer again so some sick bastard can make a case against the shiites and mobilize the public opinion. we know the inhumne tactics, been there. these people are crude and brutal, and they will have no qualms to use the suffering of Jordanains for political ends.

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