Qatar Breaking Arab Ranks

Well the government isn’t too happy to see Qatar breaking Arab ranks in the latest straw poll for the UNSG and voting for the South Korean nominee…

“What concerns more in Jordan is not the offensive act against us, but [Qatarâ??s] lack of commitment to a unanimous Arab League decision to nominate Prince Zeid for the post,” Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh told reporters yesterday at a weekly press briefing, which was attended by Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit.

According to Judeh, Qatar spoke at the meeting of a â??moral commitmentâ? to another candidate.

“But this candidate was not the South Korean [Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon],” Judeh said. He did not elaborate. [Jordan Times]

I can’t help but wonder was it more of an anti-party-line, anti-jordan, non-conformist, a display of independence or simply a trade deal with South Korea in the works? Or none of the above.


  • yeah i ave heard about that,i just dont know why, not only Qatar treat us Jordan this way,its not the first time some arab country do something like that…!!!

    Jordan always stays and backs all the arab countries and always will.

  • I think it’s their way of playing hard ball with other countries in the Arab world, sort of saying “I don’t have to be nice to you, you have to be nice to me.”

    I think it shows how arrogant they are.

    I love Al Jazeera completely ignoring the story and focussing on the South Korean candidate. I will bet all my belongings that if the Arab candidate was from any other Arab country (not necessarily Qatar), and Jordan did what Qatar did, Al Jazeera would be all over it.

  • One word: wow!!! lol I don’t know, sometimes I get the feeling that Jordan is not recognized as a country to start with, let alone an Arab one. And it’s sad coming from an Arabic country.

  • “Jordan always stays and backs all the arab countries”

    what qatar did was wrong but I BEG TO DIFFER with you on above statement. WE THE JORDANIANS BACK ALL ARABS but our government does not. Remmeber our position vis a vis the israeli butchery in lebanon, remember our ties with the israeli mukabarat. We in Jordan are falling victim to the actios of unsavory people in the jordanian government. god knows what we did to qatar for the qatari government to stick it to us like this. there are some pretty nasty things that take place behind closed doors or in the open but our press decides to leave it out. all the arab poeple are victims to their non-democratic government. all 300 million arabs are at the mercy of 20 guys and whether they like each other or not, and obviously they detest each other. but at the end of the day, many Jordanians work in Qata and are treated well. lets hope this nasty argument does not harm jordanian citizens, who always pay the price for score settling in fights they have no control over. i do not consider this nomination to be more important than the thousands of jobs Qatar has afforded jordanians, who in turn support tens of thousands of jordanians. what do we do with them if Qatar decides to ship them home…and most of those do not have the proper last names so chances are they will come back to rott without any work. Qatar made a mistake but there are better ways of dealing with such a mistake than to have the likes of Saleh Qallab go out like a hound dog against Qatar. Whatever happened to measured responses? we don’t even use this tone with Israel. This is sickneng. the whole official arab establishment and its whores are sickning.

  • I think it’s either just an anti-Jordan sentiment to gain more popularity in the streets or some stupid move to gain some political weight that doesnâ??t exist in the first place. They even fail to refer to the (Arab/Jordanian) candidate (Some much for Arab nationalists) or discuss the fact that the South Korean is the first choice only because the US hoping he will probably be more help in the North Korea. Hypocrisy?
    Frata, it appears to me that you are asking Jordan to play it nice with Qatar because they are employing so many Jordanians. If thatâ??s the case I canâ??t see how you can blame Jordan for playing it nice with real major powers. And believe me if Qatar government was able to find a more beneficial replacement for those Jordanians they would have been HOME already; with proper last names or without.

  • I think Qatar has the ultimate right to take decision away from Arab consensus. The problem is that QAtar is schizophrenic since it acts against Arab agreements and then opens up Al Jazeera like a Hound dog to attack other Arab countries for not supporting other Arabs.
    And Habchawi, what do you mean that your blog is only for “invited” people? Is this some sort of slitist attitude or what? I was interested in your blog but now I am not going to beg for entering your kingdom.

  • Batir, I don’t have anything posted there because I never had the time after I singed up. And apparently I didnâ??t notice that the â??invited viewersâ? is turned on.
    Any way, thank you for pointing that out.

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