The First Day Feast Of Ramadan

Yes, I am desperately wishing I had mansaf the first day of Ramadan. Instead I had a small can of Campbellâ??s Chunky soup and for s7oor the menu featured Cheerios. Don’t feel pity for me, these years when I’m living alone far from family, far from Jordan, are the only years where I can have a comfortable Ramadan meal. It’s been a 5-year break from the socially forced eating to the point of explosion.


  • Dear Nas…(is that really your name?)
    I have been reading ur blog for some time… you know what, a part from all the “I salute you” and “I commend you”… I wanna say how i feel when I look at your blog… it is very friendly… when I read it, I dont get that feeling of intmidation that I feel when i read some sophisticated blogs… your blog is also very Jordanian.. but not extreme or excessive.. it so gently Jordanian and inviting.. i really like it.. it is much better than the Tourism Ministry’s website… It is abolutely “the eye on Jordan”.. well done wa Ramadan Kareem!

  • Yesterday I made iftar for some friends at my place, and i decided to completely fast to see how it is, it’s not easy at all especially with a 95-degree heat. But I totally understand what you mean “eating to the point of explosion” , I nearly exploded and it felt good

  • Roba, to be fair the campbells soup was chunky 😀

    Oula, wow, thanks for the great comment. that picked me right up. and Ramadan kareem to you and your family too!

    Hareega, good to hear you tried fasting. the explosion effect reminds me of what the guys from Jackass feel like after doing a sketch involving the consumption of diet coke and mentos…and then doing it again for 30 days 😀

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