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Imagine that the human race is on the brink of a new stage of evolution, where everyday people have unique abilities like teleportation, flying and running really really fast. Sound familiar? The concept of NBC’s new show Heroes is nothing we haven’t seen by way of X-Men.

But there are obvious differences that make it a good television show. First of all it’s not about a team of superheroes versus a team of villains, rather it’s a look at what would happen if those everyday ordinary people could suddenly do extraordinary things. How do their lives change? A teacher a nurse a politician a cheerleader. What do they do with their newfound powers? Some of them are just discovering they were meant for something greater.

The show looks very promises and doesn’t pretend it’s not comic book inspired. The episodes to comes look like theyâ??re going to have constant comic book allusions. A villain and a plot that seems to involve New York being blown up and these heroes from all over the world coming together to play a role in preventing it. For now it seems most of these heroes are still discovering what they can do and trying to deal with it in their own way. And even with a one hour premiere with limited commercial interruption, the whole cast has not yet been revealed.

I admit I am a fan of comic book literature so a show like this does grab my attention. Based on the first episode I can say it’s well written and well produced and it doesn’t come off like a cheap imitation of anything. Some people might remember a show that attempted to do the same thing called Mutant X, well this is far from it. A much bigger budget probably helps! In short I’d say it’s promising show and people should tune in for now, at least until the first signs of it being too cliche.

Here’s the theatrical trailer and a clip from next week’s episode…

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  • I saw a small blurb about this on the internet, so my interest has been piqued. Due to my location, I won’t be able to check this one out until Tuesday night.

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