For The Love Of God Hang On

This is Emad Hajjaj’s latest brilliant caricature on the condition of Islam and Christianity lately. He’s actually used this one before (hence the recyclable arrows) back in February of this year to describe the Sunni-Shi3a rift in Iraq. In both instances he manages (as usual) to describe exactly how I feel about both situations.

September 20th 2006

February 28th 2006

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  • You know, I feel true sadness for the state of affairs we’re at today. It feels like we’re all a bunch of rowdy kids who just will not quiet down to listen to each other. When I first heard of the Pope’s speech, I felt tired and heavy at the heart. Not again, please not again I was thinking.I felt like the whole world bailed out on me. Then I realized that this is how many muslims probably feel like. And you know what? It is this exact feeling that breeds the frustration and the outrage. It does breed strong, sometimes volatile reactions. But it’s because this feeling also means something else. It’s trying to say soemthing. It’s trying to say I’m wounded-I’m in pain-Please stop hurting me.Just stop hurting me.

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