Muammar Gathafi Vs. Coca Cola

Just when you thought Gathafi was losing his sense of humor…

According to the Italian news agency Adnkronos International, treatment Colonel Gaddafi claims Coca-Cola is African. And he wants a share of the companyâ??s profit on every can or bottle sold across the continent.

“The essential ingredients for Coca Cola come from African plants and so compensation must be paid to us, search ” Gaddafi said at a meeting marking the seventh anniversary of the African Union.

The folks at Coke headquarters wouldnâ??t comment directly on the Libyan leaderâ??s claim, ambulance but said African bottlers are already making money from company products made and sold exclusively in Africa.

â??They do use local ingredients, but the beverages are not exported out of Africa to other markets,â? said a spokeswoman. â??Thatâ??s our business model everywhere in the world.â?

Adnkronos International points out that the Libyan leader has made other unorthodox claims in the past, including the assertion that William Shakespeare was actually an Arab immigrant to England called Sheikh Zubeir. [source]


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