Jenin, Jenin

I thought I would post the two parts of the documentary “Jenin Jenin” that documents the aftermath of the Jenin Massacre. It’s strange, with these types of films they are either entirely loved or entirely hated. But it’s based entirely on testimonials that are entirely emotional. Filmed in the Jenin refugee camp Palestinian filmmaker Muhammad Bakri calls it a film about “human suffering as such – about a wounded soul, a demolished home, a felled tree, a picked flower, a broken heart.” It is by nature a one-sided film, but it’s not about a military operation it is about a people and what they themselves went through, something that no one else can describe but themselves. It’s the side no one in the western hemisphere ever hears about or prefers to deny even exists.

The film is dedicated to Iyad Samudi, the film’s executive producer who was shot to death by Israeli soldiers near Jenin after finishing filming. I think the 12 year old girl is one of most interesting personalities in the documentary and really personifies the Palestinian spirit and its resiliency. The entire film is a reminder of that and it’s something we should never forget.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the film are both on Google Video.


  • Hi Nas,
    Thanks for posting these links. You are right, even in Europe, we are not always shown the Palestinian side of the story. Your blog is always very informative and interesting to read!

  • there is bias on both sides. but Jenin is a case where many western media sources demonstrated a bias againts israel.

  • thanks for directing me to links i finally got to watch it. I think the 12 year old’s speech is very staged but i don’t know, it doens’t really matter. I loved this documentary solely for the guy who said this:

    “These Arab governments show their solidarity on paper only. They are hypocrites. Their father is Bush and their mother is.. errr… ummm.. Meir. No Golda Meir is dead, they wish [fashar] that their mother was Golda Meir. Their mother is Albright. All she needs to do is show a bit of leg to an Arab leader for them forget the cause and forget everything. God don’t satisfy them, not sexually and not materially!”

    ‘yo mama’s so hated, you WISH she was golda meir”

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