George Galloway Spanks SkyNews

This video is simply amazing; I actually applauded. Galloway spanks the hell out of SkyNews by simply telling the truth. If he was on Fox O’Reilly would’ve cut off his microphone.

h/t: Sabbah


“Please, have a slightly longer memory than 4 weeks.”

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. You are totally wrong in saying that in most people’s eyes Hizballah are terrorists. In most people’s eyes Israel is a terrorist state. It’s the fact that you cannot comprehend that fact that leads to bias that runs through all of your reporting and every question that you’ve asked me in this interview!”


  • I received a link for this video earlier two days ago , and kept viewing it over and over and over . with all the Biased media , one sometimes thinks that its hard for any western to believe in our causes , but Galloway , was different , he was talking with an Arabic , Islamic heart .. and he made himself heard ..

  • I wish it was on Fox news too instead of Sky 🙂 The guy was on fire..well he should be at least he was making sense.

    I am waiting from you Nas to post Jon Stewart’s take on this interview, I hope it wont go by him with out making a segment 🙂 I am expecting the segment name to be titled “In Your Face ” !

  • You people should do some research on Galloway before using him as a poster child.

    People in the west view galloway as a corrupt idiot – nothing more.

    Stop jumping on the bandwagon of every crackpot that sticks their head out of a hole and have an intelligent arguement if you want to be respected.

  • Marcus, your arguement that the whole west views Galloway as a corrupt idiot was just brilliant. really, im blown away by the display of intelligence that only begs to be respected.

  • Galloway isnt an idiot as is obvious to anyone watching that interview. He has a very sharp mind and I’m sure Bush’s monkey handlers would love a DNA molecule of his silver tongue. And Galloway isnt corrupt. That’s very old. The US senate tried to destroy his reputation using fake documents and sleazy charges and Galloway shot them down in flames too.

    I love the way he finishes this interview, getting to the heart of the ugly bias: the racism that says arab blood isn’t worth as much.

  • Georgia Galloway speaks from our hearts, he has been a victim of media trial because of his bold and true ideas.

  • Galloway is corrupt, he’s been investigated for corruptness all his political life. He wants money and power. He couldn’t do that being a normal labour mp. So he broke ranks, had meetings with corrupt dictators around the world, made money off it and then believed he could make a killing. He even went on Al-Jazeera and basically said “We can buy British and American media, I know of Arab people who waist money in London Casinos, or buy other things, we can change the minds of the British and American people by buying their newspapers, you can contact me buy visiting” He’s wants to be the next Rupert Murdoch.

    The only way he was going to be elected as a member of parliament in Britian is by being a popular figure with the minority groups. The Asians, the homosexuals etc. That’s why nearly all his issues are for things like gay marriage, lowering homosexual consent from 21 to 16, and his rallies supporting Palestine against Isreal is bound to be popular with millions of muslims in Britain.”

    MarcusAgustus was right, Do your homework on Galloway, stop jumping on the bandwagon.

  • bob, lo l@ the bandwagon. call him whatever you want, it doesnt make anything he’s said in this video any less true and if you dont think so then I suggest you and marco do your own homework.

  • Infact this is a better link.

    And if you listen to what she says, disagree or agree. What she says is the opinion of the west. The opinion of UK and US about this crisis. And they are the reasons of the pro-israeli support in UK and US.

    The UK and US support of Israel is just like what we saw in Vietnam and Korea. America had a war on Communism, because communism is another form of government and what is ultimately a failed system of government. UK and US foreign policy hasn’t changed. The system of governments in the Arab worlds are archaic, they aren’t free, they are ultimately failed. Free countries that embrace human rights and freedom thrive.

    Luckily for Israel their principles and form of government coincide with US and UK principles. All the Palestinians have to do is embrace UK and US idealogy and they would get their own state and their own missles handed to them by US.

  • Bob, wafa sultan is someone who has some legitimate grievances with the arab and Islamic world but ultimately her proclaimed hatrad for the religion isn’t the best foundations for a good arguement.

    free countries that embrace human rights and freedom do thrive but the wests’s foreign policy towards supporting israel has nothing to do with it being “free” and “democratic”. this is the same arguement to suggest that the US and UK are in Iraq in order to “spread freedom”. The US and UK were supporting Israel when it was busy slaughtering palestinians and driving them off their lands way before it declared itself a state and recieved their instantanous recognition. the fact is Israel oppresses and israel occupies, nothing you can say or do will change the reality on the ground.

    lastly the notion that palestinians need only to accept american ideology inorder to achieve statehood and missles is either idiotic or naive, or probably both.

  • Wafa Sultan is a well educated pyscologist, and has experienced both the Arab and American way of life. That in itself is a foundation for a good argument. If she did have “hatred” for the Islamic religion then that would be her respected opinion, there are reasons for forming that opinion.

    Her opinion if anything is more respected and her course more legitimate than Galloways.

    And you misunderstood what I was trying to say about Palestine accepting American idealogy, I’m not saying they should. Countries have allies and enemies. Countries that become allies have something in common. That’s the main reason why Isreal is supported by US in their foreign policy. Palestinians are well under the islamic unbrella, no time soon or if ever they are going to accept the idea of things like human rights, freedom of expression or civil liberties.

    I’m not saying Israel is innocent, or Palestinians the bad guys. But both sides are to blame in this crisis. It’s not all Israels fault. Palestinians have killed innocent citizens including women and children. There are two sides to a story.

  • Bob, it is indeed her respected opinion, however when she formulates opinions on Islam based on her loathing of it then that hatred gets thrown in to question and so do the foundations and credibility of her arguement. It is the same way you have been arguing that what galloway says in this video should be ignored because you believe him to be corrupt.

    More respected by whom? you? the western hemisphere?

    Actually you did say they should embrace the US and UK ideology but more importantly to say that America or the west supports Israel because it is (like them) “democratic” is at best a red herring and at worst absurd. To also suggest that this is also due to Palestine being under the Islamic umbrella runs along the same lines. This conflict did not start last week, American support did not originate from 30 days ago. History is right there in front of you.

    As for the Islamic umbrella, when one country uses ultimate force in occupying another, making their lives utterly miserable and unberable, making the most simple tasks such as going to school, work, home, hospital or the super market as a high risk adventure, then you can come and talk to me about whose denying who the idea of human rights and the most fundemental civil liberties a decent human being could hope to have.

    Palestine is Newton’s third law.

  • respected Bob and Marcos,
    I would only request you to keep looking for the truth. If you don’t, guess what the result would be…you will be in total darkness, hiding yourself from the truth and noone else but you will be deceived by your own self.

    I would request you to search for truth about Islam, its more than just Galloway.

    thank you.

  • Nas, superb debate! kudos to you ..

    I don’t know whose Galloway (But did saw that video on skynews), he did a superb job and was 100% right. @ Bob, If someone enters your room and starts threatning / hurting you, what would you do?

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