Stephen Colbert & Eleanor Norton

Last week I laughed like crazy when I was watching The Colbert Report’s “Better Know A District” episode on the District of Columbia. Stephen Colbert interviews congresswoman Eleanor Norton and insists in his O’Rielly tradition that D.C. is not part of the United States, that he is not originally French and she is not black. The main joke being of course that D.C. only has a non-voting delegate, which Colbert picks on. Norton of course becomes very angry with him and was probably unaware, like most of his interviewees, that the interview was purely for satarical purposes.

Eleanor’s wikipedia profile was edited only a few minutes after the segment aired. Also, journalist and blogger Andrew Sullivan called it on his blog: “the most brilliant and surreal televised political interview in my life”, and this quote was also included in the profile 15 minutes after its broadcast. Isn’t the Internet great?

P.S. also check out Colbert’s new series called “Meet An Ally” on members of the Coallition of the Willing (or C.O.W.) This week: Palau.

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