We Interrupt This Program To Bring You An Important Message

…and now: a word from your leader…

Holy Interruptus Batman! So ok, it’s been a few days since I’ve been a “full time” blogger (i.e. 3-4 posts a day) and the question is where have I been? I tend to avoid personal posts on this blog simply because I’d like to think (or entertain the illusion) that I’ve dedicated this virtual space (time continuum) to a higher and nobler cause (than I). Also because I didn’t think telling my readers what I had for breakfast would be all that interesting let alone controversial (unless it involved cannibalism). But I will spare one personal post for those interested in human interest stories…

Life lately has been in a state of flux which is appreciated because the routine was getting boring. A lot of my days are spent in a library researching materials and preparing for the onslaught of real life that is heading my way in the weeks and months to come. In other words a lot of post-modern Feng-shui with the status quo is going on right now; a lot of rearranging the furniture in my life (and apartment), a lot of fortress of solitude type isolationism, a lot of belated spring cleaning so to speak: dust-bunnies, closet skeletons, mental cobwebs and all.

It has given me the time, opportunity and focus to ponder ever-so-important thoughts between readings. Thoughts such as “has it ever literally rained cats and dogs?” and “what was with Zidane and that head butt?” and “if the Westminster parliamentary type of government established the Canadian Senate to facilitate ‘sober second thought’ was that because everyone in the House of Commons was drunk during the first two readings of legislation?”. You know…the kind of stuff we all think about from time to time (eventually).

And in this renovation of things, this attempt to focus and purify my body, mind and soul from the residue of â??old-meâ?, many things have been forced, both consciously and unconsciously, to take a back seat. Blogging happens to be one of those things. TV watching has also been limited to 0 minutes a day. Following worldly events has been eliminated from the diet. Though I have been cheating with regards to what’s happening in Gaza and to a lesser extent Jordan simply because changing oneâ??s wardrobe is easier than changing oneâ??s nature if you catch my drift.

Fear not! I shall return to these earthly nourishments in the weeks or even days to come when order is restored in the house ofâ?¦whatever. And we shall gather once again to speak of politics, death, strife and other good things: junk food for the soul types things.

My apologies to readers who sent me emails to which I have not responded to as of yet. There’s a good chance I’ll eventually get around to that.

For those wondering how I beat the blogging habit, no it was not a 12 step program, although technically the first step is admitting you have a problem. Honestly, it involved the weather being so humid that I be forced to spend my nights reading books and papers in all-night donut shops (notably the local Tim Hortonâ??s) as well as gluing thumb tacks to the computer chair, which apparently has the double effect of drastically reducing computer usage as well as exercising oneâ??s threshold for pain (something Iâ??m constantly told we men lack).

But seriously, in addition to those two things, it involves being overworked and underpaid (existentially) to the point where a psychological breakdown becomes imminent and you’re forced to re-evaluate your priorities for the sake of deterrence or in the grand scheme of things, for the sake of prolonging the inevitable.

Hey, I didn’t say it was easy.

…we now return to your regular programming already in progress…


  • Actually, I think the house of commons was originally populated by drunks. At least in the British parliament where there was a need to put a limit on populism.

    Funnily enough in Britain the house of lords is now essentially dominated by drunkards.

  • LOL!!!

    Things that make you go HMMM…

    â??has it ever literally rained cats and dogs?â? it has raind frogs and toads…once that i lived though…does Dorthy’s dog Toto count as raining dogs?

    â??what was with Zidane and that head butt?â? he called his mother a bad name and then made a racial slur against Arabs

    â??if the Westminster parliamentary type of government established the Canadian Senate to facilitate â??sober second thoughtâ?? was that because everyone in the House of Commons was drunk during the first two readings of legislation?â? that would certainly explain the burning of the White House wouldn’t it.

    all-night donut shops, HHHMMMM Donuts…

    the residue of â??old-meâ?, your what? 24? the old you was 10?

    just for the record…are you not ALWAYS in a state of flux?

  • wWho said writing personal stuff is boringfor the readers? It’s only boring if you’re dull D But, in general, it’s nice to read about other people’s life…

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