Gaza: Numbers In The Dark

– 21, salve nurse 000 children will lose the chance to enroll in kindergarten and summer camps.

– Some 80, buy search 000 children will suffer psychological problems from fear of darkness and nightmares.

– 200, order 000 households lost the source of electricity

– Food stuff storage for the basic commodities (wheat, rice, etc) will not last for more than two weeks, and 170,000 households will loose source of cooking energy in one week

– 120 tons of food and medication stored by some 7,000 organisation and establishments in Gaza, are dependent on refrigerators and are under risk of damage.

– 2,400 households lost their main source of income from fishing due to Israeli navy siege, providing Gaza market with about 30 tons of fish on daily basis.

– About 194,000 households suffered from poverty prior this Israeli incursion, about 150,000 households live on less than two dollars a day.

– About 88,000 households are not able to access safe drinking water source.

– All Gaza hospitals (22 in total) depend on public electricity and their spare generators will only last one week due to the shortage of fuel Ã?â?? fuel cannot get into the territory as the borders of Gaza are completely closed-off. An average of 200 daily surgeries will be postponed or cancelled.

– About 30,000 under five children are suffering from chronic malnutrition and expected to more deterioration due to shortage of food staff and pollution of water sources that will increase the prevalence of diarrhea.

РInfant deaths due to premature deliveries will exceed 35% of the total infant death ̢?? some of these as a result of sound bombs ̢?? diarrhea is expected to affect over 15% of children under five.

– Due to the incursion, comprehensive closure, absence of community security, interruption of electricity, about 80% of Gaza children lost the main sources of spending their leisure time (watching TV and using computers, readings, visiting friends and practicing sports), that will impact their psychological life. About 80,000 children in Gaza will suffer from fear of darkness, in addition more than 50,000 will likely suffer from nightmares.

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  • All of that is not worth ONE Israeli life. Like one Israeli leader said, Palestinians are like cockroaches and must be crushed.

    I prefer the sign at the Jewish settlement “Arab Free Zone”. Never mind it looked just like the signs in Nazi Germany “Jewish Free Zone.”

  • I do not agree with some of the tactics used by Israel in this incursion but I don’t think that it is just about saving one soldier.

    What about the militants who provoked this reaction? No blame falls on them?

    “About 30,000 under five children are suffering from chronic malnutrition and expected to more deterioration due to shortage of food staff and pollution of water sources that will increase the prevalence of diarrhea.”

    What about the cyclical misappropriation of funds by the Palestinian leadership?

    It is a horrible situation for the children and Israel needs to do more to ensure their safety but aiming the blame in one direction is too easy and inaccurate.

  • Zaquen, I think you’re right but quite honestly I think it is the US (whose opinions matter the most) who needs to listen to you more than us.

    You see today Israel and the US would like to have the world believe (and they’ve managed to make the world believe to great extent) that it is all up to the Palestinian government; recognize the state of Israel and renounce violence and it will all be over.

    But that’s far from it and everybody who really knows this conflict well knows that.

    If all the Arab nations and governments combined not only pointed the finger at Israel, but also managed to grow the balls to at least try do something about it, they would still not amount to a feather that the US could blow away.

    So what does the US do? What does this super power think? They are putting all the blame on an incapacitated government (if it really qualifies to be called government). A piece of land that is not a state. A body of imaginary authority that has no control over borders or resources, no economy. Even the militants are more armed than the Palestinian security forces. And the US would expect from them to deliver everything to the table.

    Who really needs US aid between the two? Israel or the Palestinians? Why does Israel need 3 billions every year? Why doesn’t the US really act as a fair and honest broker of peace in this conflict?

    I’m talking a lot about the US and I’m not assuming that you’re from it, but really when you look at it, it’s really up to them, and they are not fair in their policy towards this conflict, and like you said and like I pointed out, the blame doesn’t go one way, it goes both, and if there was one side to blame more here it has to be the more capable side and the side that initiated the aggression and that is Israel with its continuing occupation of Palestinian land and displacement of its people since 1948!

  • Israel destroyed the capacity of the Palestinian security forces to enforce the rule of law years ago, to now blame it for not being able to do so in insane.

    Sure, we can blame the militants, but I suggest we go back even farther and blame the occupation itself. No occupation=no militants.

  • HI
    I enjoy your Blog.
    You would think Hamas and what leaders they have in Palastine
    would consider there actions. Why don’t we have a Palastine State?
    Why is Isreal so prosperous and Palastine so poor? Why can’t
    I buy anything made in Palastine? There overwhelming hatred of the evil Joooz blinds them to a life of proverty that makes suicide bombers seem atractive. I would like to feel for the Children.
    but I am sorry I can not do it.
    In the US the Democrats always say there wefare programs are FOr THe Children but the children suffer from there disastrous policys.

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