Viva La France, Baby!

I think it was one of the best matches France has played in this World Cup. Zidane and Henry rock, physician try full stop. Pure coolness. All the way to the finals baby!


  • France, by Zidanne & Henry killed in a professional way, the superciliousness & fake-pride of the Pepsi team, I mean Brazil team. France deserves their win

    Mabrook for everybody

  • nas… it seems ur gonna lose a frnd.. u must know that im a loyal Brasil fan, u gotta care a little about my feelings:(
    but to be honest, France was amazing yesterday; Brasil might have competed in the way they played yesterday against (bag3a or kufursoom).. on the other hand, zidane wasnt supposed to play that good against his Real Madrid team mates, he should be kicked out of the team.. 🙂

  • I am with Shaden! Go Germany! What must worry France, however, is the age of these players. Zinni is retiring at the end of this series and Henry is old as well. I remember his best work when France won back in 1998.

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