Muslim Brotherhood Drops Me A Line

Today I got this comment on my post entitled: Muslim Brotherhood Grasping At Straws.

LGF also got the same comment in the same manner: a search for the term Muslim brotherhood on Egypt’s Google. LFG and me getting the same comment? Excuse me while I feel slightly creeped out.

Dear sir

Iâ??m touched by your worm sympathetic words towards the Islamic cause, which I assure you is a totally peaceful one. Islam dictates on its follower to pursue justice and prosperity through peaceful means that is based on mutual respect of other fellow human beings of all creeds.
Islam does not nurtures nor advocates terrorism, but surely like any other religion (and in line with all human conventions and current international laws) it legislates for defending oneâ??s self if unjustly attacked without any provocations in order to prevent spreading of injustices and hence corruption and to ensure a just world for all human to share its potentials. To this end I would like to introduce you to The Muslim Brotherhood Group, a socio-economical, political and spiritual movement that is promoting the middle course Islam and is embracing peaceful means in its long struggle to achieve social justice and bring about the long awaited for political reforms via the democratic change in Egyptb and elsewhere.

I would also want to draw your attention to the fact that is the only official English web site airing the views of the Muslim Brotherhood Group on current national and international affairs as well as giving a true account of the groupâ??s history and their standing viewpoints.

Kind Regards
Ikhwan Web Editor

It’s the exact same one, which implies he (or they) didn’t actually read the post (especially since the first line of my post used their website as a reference). Though I contacted Khaled Salam, the editor of the website, to check if this is comment was actually left by him or if it’s a new spam-type-comment begining to spread around on blogs mentioning the Muslim Brotherhood.

The ISP is AFMIC and the IP originates from Egypt.


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