Abu-Mahjoob Becomes A Blogger

It seems that Jordanian Internet companies are at the forefront of offering blogging services to the Arab world. Jeeran, Maktoob, Al-Bawaba, Fastlink and now the Mahjoob Company is getting into it. It was a bit strange seeing that they started offering it. Kind of like the website for Garfield offering blogging services. Mahjoob isn’t exactly like these other companies which are typically web-based; even with Fastlink one can possibly see the business aspect behind it.

But Mahjoob.com does have a relatively successful Forum (or bulletin board) that I used to be an active participant in the past. So perhaps the move into blogs is not such a strange leap. Although it is strange in the sense that a blogging service on the same website that is now known for its forum is kind of conflicting. Forums have a collective nature to them while a blog is quite independent. All the blogs on it thus far (it’s very new) are already members of the forum, so I don’t know how that will work out for them.

Right now the service appears very basic and simple, not very appealing in presentation. I don’t know how customizable they are but all the blogs seem to be dominated by the Abu-Mahjoob website header. I suppose it’s still in the not-even-alpha stage and it will improve like the rest of’em.

Nevertheless it’s great to the move by Jordanian companies. Look out for Toot blogs now! (I get credit for the idea)

Can any blogger remember the time when there was such a thing called Comic Chat or mIRC?


  • It is definitely interesting but not surprising that the Arab blogosphere is growing and expanding on top of Jordanian made solutions (although some of them using open source blogging engines -Notice the similarity between Mahjoob and Albawaba blogs).

    I love the fact that more and more players are getting into the blogging market, as this will help promote the idea of blogging to more and more users in the Arab world.

    More competition is always good for the customer and for those companies that end up on top.

  • It seems that blogging engines is the new “free email”, every other Arab website has to offer it for its members. Will it also face the same fate as the many sites that offered free email in the past ?

  • Blogging is great !!
    you can see how people think…maybe thats why you can’t see a lot of arabian blogs at the moment !!
    but I gotta say your page is great..very simple in the same time very very stylish…I loved that..
    Aight, gimmi a visit sometime

  • I believe that this website is really helpful to see how the situation in the Jordanian is?
    And what the ppl think about our Gov. so I think its one of the best ways to show the Jordanian who lives outside the real reaction of the actions goes in Jordan
    And its one of the freedom given to us as citizens to say freely our thoughts and idea’s

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