The Largest Sofa In The World

A few days ago Wael had a post entitled “The Largest Sofa in Town” about a sofa he saw on the side of the street in Khalda. Today while surfing the net I discovered that the sofa measures seven metres long and two metres tall, took about seventy metres of material and two weeks to complete. Its owner hopes it would be considered for the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest sofa in the world.

This is a picture of a Jordanian worker performing noon prayers on top of it. (check out Wael’s post for more pics)

I’m really starting to hate these Guinness record attempts in Jordan lately. It’s a sofa for God’s sake!


  • Nas,
    we didnt make it to the worldcup as Jordanians, and a representitive of the Arabs performed ‘pretty amazingly’ yesterday by accepting 4 goals in their net.. But how is that related?
    we, as Jordanians and Arabs, need some kind of accomplishment… Any kind… so just let the sofa be nas:)

  • lol @ Ahmad Hasweh comment!

    I dont see anything wrong with it either. But I would have chosen another texture for the fabric though:p

    On a serious note,wasnt guinness always like that? the largest, the oldest, the tallest, the the the?

    And isnt it what this world is about? the most powerfull, most armed? most “humane”?

    Its Human instinct for achievement, how absurd that might be

  • Hasweh, bro! good to see a comment from you man. i think we had this discussion before, last summer when we went to books@ to see the billiards world record. like i said, the accomplishments we need in our side of the world should involve these kinds of things. the biggest sofa, birthday card or popcorn box 😀

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