What Not To Do During Prayers

Very disturbing…

RIYADH, salve search cialis 19 June 2006 â?? Police in Riyadh arrested an expatriate who was watching a pornographic film in a mosque compound in the Al-Naseem district of Riyadh, pill Al-Watan daily reported yesterday. The man was caught watching the film during afternoon prayers on Thursday. Worshippers and policemen who were praying at the mosque heard bizarre sounds of men and women moaning and groaning. After prayers police searched the area and found an expatriate worker in a room watching a porn movie. Police arrested the man and found 160 CDs in his possession. After conducting investigations the man will be deported. [Arab News]


  • Oh my God! This is insane… and absolutely beyond disgusting! What a hypocrite! sick loser!

    but the story is somewhat incomplete… not detailed … what was the man initially doing in the mosque? obviously he was not praying! My God … no sense of respect what-so-ever! couldn’t he have watched those in his own home? out of all places, he chooses God’s house?!

  • Iman, you obvoiusly misunderstood. he was in his own home. in a compound.. which happens to have a mosque there.. and i bet if he were a married man they would not mind it one bit that he had those things. quite a disgusting collection he has, he is sick. but ofcourse by human rights, they had no right to arrest him. so thank God we are NOT living in a democracy???

  • 😳 Ohhh! okay! Well, still the article is poorly written 😀 … regardless, that’s sick! I mean what the hell? ok..seriously, i don’t even wanna get into it! it’s a disease! ughhhh!

  • Annon,
    In Jordan we have some laws that forbid running a pharmacy within 500 meter of another one just to let both live and sure there is some exceptions like if the area needs more pharmacies and this is the suitable complex for them.

    Same applies for doctors of same profession, they cannot run a clinic in same complex without the first doctor permission
    I hope they do the same for Shawerma’s restaurants and Mosques vs night clubs as it’s so irritating when you leave mosque at morning prayers to met some drunks in the street as it’s irritating for the drunk to see religious as he’ll lose his dose.

    With their chicks they can conqueror the world! I mean Ukraine 😀

  • Dave, people dont usually moan and groan during prayer. plus its pornography, you know it when you see it (or hear it in this case) 😀

  • hahahahahahahaha

    that’s so funny!

    i wonder if they had to redo the prayers.

    p.s. it’s described as a “mosque compound” and not a compound with a mosque, so i think it’s a mosque and school and maybe a few offices. i dont think it was in the guy’s home.

  • I would have criticized the Saudi authorities, but this time, man!, they did the right thing! they should deport him, not because of watching porn, but because he is such an idiot,
    Saudi Arabia=>mosque=>prayers=> anything in the world but not PORN!!! he should’ve guessed it!

  • This is disgusting. I don’t care whether it was a Mosque, Church, or Temple. That’s just insane.

  • Someone pull out the Google graphs showing how the KSA ranks near the top in searches for things like “naked women”, “porn”, “boobies” etc.

    Who watches pr0n with the volume cranked up?

  • Who watches pr0n with the volume cranked up?

    🙄 I don’t and wouldn’t know the ‘etiquette’ of watching porn – if there is such a thing! Sorry guys, but the majority of you are just … too vulgar!

  • littleco, It’s gross, disgusting, vulgar! and those who don’t see a problem with it are just as gross, disgusting, vulgar, appalling individuals as those who watch it!
    I recall they had an article about porn in ‘Living Well’ – December or January issue … married men who continously watch it in their own homes and don’t have a problem doing so! to the point that it has become a primary cause of problems between the couple.
    To start with, the idea of watching porn is beyond my comprehension …let alone for a grown married man to be obsessively into it??!

  • To start with, the idea of watching porn is beyond my comprehension â?¦let alone for a grown married man to be obsessively into it??!

    Well, maybe married couples watch porn to get turned on or to get new ideas. Ever heard of the “Reverse Cowgirl”?

    Now, a married man watching pr0n at the expense of having the real thing? That signals other problems in the marriage. The porn is just a symptom. In my unprofessional, HO.

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