Toot Toot The Magical Fruit!

As Mark promised to do, he was able to knock me from my second place position in the Toot Design Competition to land on spot number three. It’s all good….it’s all good. I shall seek out my vengence in a more positive way.

Anyways Roba asked what I was going to buy. Well it’s $50 bucks so I’m going to invest it in an interest-bearing account and years from now my grandchildren will be able to buy the Apple company. Truth be told, I don’t know.

That being said: thanks to every single person who voted for me. I don’t know what the numbers are but I’m guessing there must’ve been a lot so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also thank you to the good people of Toot, they ran a great competition and props to whoever thought of it because it was a great marketing campaign.

Lastly, kudos to Bakkouz and Mark for coming in first and second. Take a lot of pictures and listen to a lot of music!

I guess I’ll save up for that iPod and someday I’ll get it. $50 bucks goes a long way so I’ll get there eventually. I feel like Wayne from Wayne’s World staring at the guitar in the window:

“It will be mine…Oh yes. It will be mine.”


  • Congratulations. Ok! the most intellectual-kind-of gift (given that you will cash it on books) for an alert observer like you is not bad at all. I like your blog 🙂

  • Yeeeee 🙁 my heart was in this campaign and I really thought you’d win the iPod! Who is this Mark anyways? 😉 hehe..

    Yalla m3lesh Nas, think of yourself as a man liberated from consumerist drives and desires 🙂 what’s in an iPod anyways when you can play your guitar and reign the world through your PC?

    I’m obviously on something so please discard what I just typed, hehe, I’m going to hit submit anyways 😉

  • You can never fully appreciate something you got for free anyway. Well, that never worked for me at least, it’s like that thing I got without paying is not really mine :-).

    Hopefully that will do the trick 😛

  • Naseem Mabrook 😀

    Your blog is my favorite in design and contents. It remains my number 1 whatever the Toot’s design contest results say, way to go man 🙂

  • I suggest buying the first couple of books from an awesome series called Y:The Last Man
    it’s comic, but it’s not super Sci-Fi
    It’s about a world dominated by Women, and they hear there’s one man on earth…
    pretty interesting 😉

    Mabrook Nas! 😀


  • Ibrahim, yup, thats life bro. thanks though

    saaleha, lol thanks for the sympathy (and your help)

    omar, hmm last man on Earth? I dunno, this might inflict some damage to my ego. but ill keep an open mind. thanks 😀

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