Reviewing Nacho Libre

This is one of those movies so many people will hate and so many people will love. If you belong to the latter camp then you’re probably a fan of Jack Black.

Nacho is the ultimate underdog except he doesn’t know it. He has dreams of being the greatest fighter in Mexico but he’s grown up in a monastery full of orphans as a terrible terrible chef. But he sees an oppertunity to help the kids out by becoming Lucha Libre wrestler (this is set in 1970’s Mexico). But wrestling is forbidden in the monastery so he keeps his identity secret all the while fighting to earn money.

First thing you have to ignore the parts in the movie where Jack Black’s accent switches from Mexican to Italian; his overall attempt is still pretty funny. Secondly, this is Jared Hess’ second film after the now cult classic Napoleon Dynamite. He’s still developing a sense of directing I think, it reminds of me of something like an amatuer Wes Anderson. The desire to pass Nacho off as the next memorable character since Napolean is not a complete success nor a complete failure. This just isn’t Jack Blacks best film but it’s still “okay” funny. Nacho is still a pretty funny character. I’m a fan of both Napoleon Dynamite and Jack Black so my honesty should count for something.

Also, this is one of those films that isn’t non-stop funny. Every few minutes you’ll have a really funny scene and then it goes dead for awhile. But meanwhile you’ll still cheer for the ultimate on-screen underdog.

Anyways, not the best summer comedy but pretty good.

Bottom Line: 3/5


  • I want to see this movie so bad!
    I liked the trailers and I thought it’s a pretty interesting charachter.

    I mean, it’s JACK BLACK! hehehe
    He’s absolutely hilarious…

    But the movie’s name makes me crave for Nachos! hehehe
    I submitted a simple fan art (digital) to the website, hopefully
    they’ll approve it! 😀


  • Nacho Libre is one of the best comedy movies I’ve ever seen, Being so simple(low budget,no computer graphics) and so funny ,for me it is just loving. Jack Black has what it takes to be a great comedian(among others), I give it a 10 out of 10. Thanks

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