While The World Is Cheering

Moments During Halftime

I don’t even think I need to translate this one except to say that the one on the left is Palestine.

Sad…but true.


  • Gosh thats really too bad! I guess we should all stop celebrating life while the Palestinians fight amongst themselves.

  • Joe American, if that’s what you understood from it then it’s quite possibly the point flew right past it

    (if move now you can still catch it)

  • I just want to say that while celebrating life with all teh good taht brings to us we should stop for a while and think of others ..Their life has been an endless chain of misfortune,obression..depression and lack of any kind of hope for a slightly better life….

    Joe American …No one asked you to stop living ..while doing so try to show respect and sympathy to others …

    Guevara – Ex Ma7joobi

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