Snapshots From A Protest

Today there was another demonstration to protest against the 4 IAF MPs that went to Zarqawi’s funeral and called him a martyr (and the victims of the Amman Bombing an “ignorant mob”). With 3,000 people I think it was a bit larger than the one earlier on this week. I wonder if one is being organized for Friday as well.

That being said there was a specific photo that kind of got to me. You kind of have to stare at it for some time before it fully sinks in. Or maybe it’s just me.

Farouq Sayagh holds a picture of his niece, Lina Sayagh ,23, one of the Amman treble bombings victims

Another photo shows a sign which reads basically “two faces of the same coin” (the one on the left being Abu Fares, one of the MPs)


Your Two Piasters: