How To Start A Palestinian Civil War

Step One: Find an arms dealer…

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said yesterday he had approved a shipment of weapons and ammunition to bolster security forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel announced its decision amid an increasingly violent power struggle between Abbas and Hamas Islamists, pills who took control of the Palestinian Authority in March after winning a parliamentary election.

Speaking to members of the British parliament before ending a visit to London, check Olmert said: â??Despite the tension and the firing of rockets (at Israel), ask I authorised last night the transfer of arms and ammunition to Abu Mazen (Abbas).â? [source]


  • Israel wants a civil war. What better way to show the world that there is no “partner for peace?” Never mind the fact that Israel played a role in the formation and begining of Hamas as a religious counterbalance to the PLO.

    What I find a shame is that the Palestinian people have spoken. They voted for a Hamas government. Who do these people in the various PLO factions think they are to go against what the Palestinian people voted for?

    If it wasnt for the massive corruption and ineptitude of the PLO, Hamas wouldnt be there in the first place. They should go home, give Hamas a chance to rule, and figure out why the Palestinian people kicked them out of office. Fix their problems, leaders with million dollar bank accounts, massive corruption, inability to deal with Israel, and then come back to fight the next election.

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