US Marines’ Hadji Girl Song

Yesterday, the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called on the Pentagon and Congress to investigate the four-minute video posted in March on the website.

The video, called â??hadji girl,â? purports to be a â??marine in iraq [sic] singing a song about hadji.â? (A â??Hajjiâ? is a person who has made the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, but the term has often been used as a pejorative by U.S. troops in Iraq.) The song tells of a U.S. Marineâ??s encounter with an Iraqi woman. It was viewed by almost 50,000 people. (The video was removed from the website after CAIR issued its news release.)

The songâ??s lyrics include: â??I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me. As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally. . .I blew those little f**kers to eternity . . .They should have known they were f**king with the Marines.â? Members of the audience, not shown in the video, laughed and cheered wildly for these lyrics. [CAIR News Release]

I really don’t know what I can say about this. At first I was a bit angry but then I have to admit I kind of shrugged my shoulders. Nothing new, nothing shocking, nothing unexpected. Move on to the next thing.


A Marine corporal seen in a video singing about killing members of an Iraqi family says the song was a joke. Cpl. Joshua Belile apologized and said the song was not tied in any way to allegations that Marines killed as many as two dozen unarmed civilians in Haditha last year.

“It’s a song that I made up and it was nothing more than something supposed to be funny, based off a catchy line of a movie,” Belile, 23, said in Wednesday’s Daily News of Jacksonville.

CAIR issued a press release today saying they welcomed the apology from Cpl. Joshua Belile

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  • This type of gallows humor proves that those boys have been over there way too long. They hold a truly cynical attitude towards Arabs, which is demonstrated in this song.

    The first part of the song seems harmless enough, with a U.S. soldier becoming attracted to an Arab (“hajji” is the inconsiderate nickname attributed here) girl. Despite a language barrier, their “attraction” leads to her feeling compelled to take him home to meet her family.

    This is where things get nasty. Apparently, the girlâ??s desire for the soldier to meet her family turns out to be more of an ambush. Upon seeing the soldier, the girlâ??s father and brother pull out their AK-47s and open fire. The soldier, in turn, uses the girlâ??s sister as a human shield and reciprocates in firing back killing the family.

    Though highly improbable, it’s not an impossible scenario. What amazes me is that the Marine Corps troops in the videoâ??soldiers who usually brag about their honorâ??laugh and howl at the dishonorable act of using a little girl as a human shield.

    This illustrates a terrible truth about those in war zones. The victims on both sides lose their sympathy and understanding for their fellow man and tend to sink to the lowest possible standard. And in this situation, the American military soldiers involved have completely forgotten their obligation to think, speak, and act in a respectful manner.

  • Dave points out correctly the dynamics that take place in war zones, and I strongly recommend reading the book “On Killing” by Dave Grossman. It is a painful book to read, but it illuminates some very important issues about mankind and military. It makes the reader very aware of violence and atrocity to an extent that one realizes how even self-proclaimed pacifists can be acting or discussing in a most violent manner.
    The song you wrote about is one more example besides Abu Ghraib and the massacre in Haditha how war works. It also shows that no war actually is as clean and righteous as the involved aggressors usually propagate. Understanding what killing really means and how it is steered by the media can really help to become an enemy of violence, and I wish a few million Americans had had access to this kind of information.
    And as Dave points out, it would be helpful if soldiers across the world would remember their obligation to think, speak and act in a respectful manner. A soldier is given one of the most difficult tasks that there are. A task that demands qualification of a just and good mind, good behaviour and respect for humankind. A soldier who does not respect the enemy is unprofessional. Soldiers are the ones who wield the power they are given by their governments and they are using arms to defend or extend it. Therefore they should be an example in good behaviour above all. If they do not succeed at that, they are just another entry, another example of savagery in the history books of humankind. Even today when a whole continent thinks preemptive force is justified. Even today they will be known as savages, killers and torturers, not as heroes.

  • How about if this song was sang by a Muslim fighter…

    are you going to analyze his situation and give him excuses for such act like this!!

    No need for 500 word to convince me that they have obligation or if they morals, maybe in the US.

    but one they are in Iraq… the only thing they know is hate… for them Arab are not humans

    and this is why we call occupation

  • I thought it was humorous. The world we live in today has a lot worse actions performed daily than a song by a Marine serving in Iraq.

    I also thought it was humorous because of the irony. Marines wouldn’t do the things the song talks about, and that’s why the Marines who heard it in the audience were laughing: The last thing they would do is use a young girl (or anyone else) to shield themselves.

  • I had a similar reaction. I was upset at first, then shrugged my shoulders. After reading and listening to the lyrics, it is a little insensitive, but really no big deal. It’s just one song by one guy. Nothing more.

  • To all those who downplay this song: “Note” asks what if a muslim fighter sang this sort of song? For sure the reactions (of the west) would be immense, and instead of shrugging shoulders the west would send another few hundred soldiers to war, to fight those “evil muslims”.
    Haven’t you realized yet: Bush has lied to the world. No weapons of mass destruction in iraq. Their proofs were out-of-date research by english students. The war in iraq is an american lie.
    So go on and shrug your shoulders when the world sees what the americans do in iraq. By the way – some people even say that Abu Ghureib was just one incident. By some soldiers. Nothing more.
    You forgot to say that it should have never happened. Just put yourselves in the victim’s shoes for once, and your nonchalant carelessness might turn into fear. Maybe then you realize what these people go through. (i am referring to the people of iraq, not the foreign troops stationed there)
    And you are calling yourself political critic. Critics usually get involved and show more enthusiasm for political issues. Why not call yourself PoliticalBubblegum from now on?

  • Actually Muslims say a lot worse, in a lot more serious tone, about American infidels, Jews, and the like all the time. “Apes and pigs” sound familiar. It receives little condemnation from Muslims or from the friendly folks at CAIR.

  • Isle 3, when you say “Muslims” you are generalizing and stereotyping 1.6 billion people. and there’s been a ton of condemnation from Muslim groups over anti-semitic remarks made by organizations. also there’s a difference between a marine in iraq talking about killing iraqis and some muslim guy saying something anti-semitic. a better comparision would be videos released by alqueda beheading “infidels” (which has also recieved a ton of condemnation from international Muslim organizations).

  • A song describing a fake incident sung as a joke is comparable to the real life act of sawing a real person’s head off? I have to ask Nas, no pun intended, have you lost your head?

  • Isle3, i said it was a better comparision…you know…as opposed to say a random muslim saying something anti-semitic 😉

  • Isle 3,

    Im a muslims, and have never used the word infidel… it sounds just like a disney aladin movie.
    As for pigs, I also never used this word to describe anyone.

    Tell me, has any muslim personaly used any of these words against you rpersonaly ?

    How silly is it to believe everytying you read. Im going to start a myth that christians call muslims “pepsi.” I can convince anyone anyone to believe me.

  • to even compare this video to the beheadings is so off the mark its sad. this is a dumb song by american marines in a war zone – thats all.

  • I think it’s time we stopped looking at things from a religious, racial, political point of view and started being human. Carelessness should stop, and digging the past should as well. It is not difficult to tell if something can be offensive to others (muslims, budhists, etc.), and it is pretty easy to tell when someone is suffering (black or white). What’s worse than shrugging your shoulders is admitting it!

  • Nas — with respect — the lyrics of the song describe the Marine being led into an ambush — where the girl’s family open fire on him.

    It’s gallows humor. It’s inappropriate. It’s careless. And, it’s misquoted.

  • I think whats really sad is the fact that there are so many bleeding hearts against this. These men are being used as political pawns due to the fact that they tried to bring humor to their brothers and sisters in arms.
    If you find this disturbing than maybe you should lock yourself in a closet to never be seen again because the world has no real use for your arrogance or ignorance.
    The song dedicates survival when the civilians open arms against the unarmed marine…
    If that is disturbing than I insist on you loading your pockets with all the finances you can catch a ride to the heart of compton place all your best jewley on your neck and wrists while wearing an expensive suit or clothing set,(you know show off your money), and stand on the corner unarmed and while you are being robbed let the nice individuals know how that makes you feel. I’m sure you’ll get your just do in the same manner the song was presenting….

  • I am a US Marine, and I think it’s ridiculous that any of you can generalize all Marines because of what a few did. This is not something the Marine Corps did, nor did it condone it. This was the individual act of one or two young kids. That’s right, the guy who wrote this song is 23 years old. None of you will understand what it’s like to be over there, and that is just fine. We fight so that those of you who don’t have the patriotism, guts, or courage don’t have to. While we put our necks on the line, you have nothing better to do than ridicule every questionable thing we do. How about we just accept that this kid was in a bad place, and he came up with something to lighten his mental burden. But in the meantime don’t forget that he was in Iraq for 7 months away from family, friends, and everything that was familiar to him, in a place full of people who wanted to KILL him, and every other american like him. And if you are thinking right now that I am exaggerating, maybe we should ask the two young PFCs that were found earlier this week dead(after they had been tortured, mutilated, and booby trapped).
    For those of you who really need a reality check, lets talk about some other artists here in the US who talk about killing other Americans for drugs. Artist who talk about dealing drugs on the streets of our US cities, and selling women for sex. These artists are talking about crimes that are being committed everyday against fellow Americans, but no one cares about that. Yet, there’s no controversy over these songs.
    Let’s all just see this for what it really is. It’s a fictional song. It’s not true. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s not reality. It’s not what Marines do. This is no more inappropriate than the ill timed telling of a racial, religious, or blonde joke. It might hurt someone’s feelings, but it happens. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not the end of the world, and definitely not something to rake over the coals.

  • Matt. Anyone with Patriotism will not let themselves be conned into fighting an unjust war for some welfare Jew state halfway across the world.

  • I am also a marine who is about to be deployed over to Iraq. THis comment is for UrMom. We are not fighting this war for anyone any more in many of my fellow Marines eyes. We are fighting this war for each and every Marine who is over there. We are fighting to bring everyone, Marines, Sailors, Army, and Airforce, home safe to see their families and friends again. We do as we are told and we are trained very well to do what we do. But our personal fight is to make sure the guy next to us comes home safe. We do our missions that they tell us to do and our NUMBER 1 concern isn’t killing those people but protecting ourselves and esspecially that man/woman next to us. So before you make some comment about us being conned. . . most of us just want to come home and we will do everything possible to bring everyone home even if that means killing people who are trying to kill us. As for the song. I completely agree with Matt. You cilivians should try giving up everything and leaving everything you know behind to go up against people who don’t want to just kill us but ALL americans. Maybe people should get properly educated before making a ridiculous statement such as the one UrMom had the gull to write. Fellow Americans are dying regardless of the reason why we are over there and maybe YOU (UrMom) should realize that we are not killing ourselves but being tortured and killed. At least we follow rules of engagement.

  • Olson,

    When you finally are deployed, please remember this one thing: be careful about generalizations. Your scope sounds rather broad when you say that, “[the] people…donâ??t want to just kill [soldiers] but ALL Americans.” Which people are you referring to? If you are talking about the Iraqi people as a whole, then you have been misguided.

    I would also recommend some sensitivity in your statements concerning civilians. Not every American can be a soldier, but since you are a soldier, every American does pay your salary. As a soldier you represent all Americans, those who serve in the military and those who don’t. All we ask is that you do so in a respectful manner.

    Also remember that one doesn’t have to be a soldier to “give up everything and leave everything you know behind” in order to make a difference. I am an American in the Middle East who chooses to fight a war of a different kind: a war against hunger, disease and lack of education. As some one with experience, I am cautioning you against the traditional stereotypes against Arabs that you might have been confronted with.

    I respect the U.S. Military and I commend you for your willingness to serve. I hope that your term of service is one marked by personal honor and respect for all around you–friend or foe–and not for personal glory or bravado.

  • Very interesting. There is only one person on this string of responses who has asked that we look at this from a non-racial, non-religious persepctive for one simple second. They were ignored, replaced by )what sometimes seems like) testosterone-driven responses.

    It doesn’t matter if the song is real or not -there is enough real blood being shed all over; do we need a song to prove this?

    Withought generalising Marines, Iraqis, or Americans, let’s ask ourselves: is there really any apprpriate time to make a joke about blood shed –be it murder or defence?

    Some Marines dismiss this song as a joke which is a result of being in a country of people who hate them, and want to kill “all Americans”. Some Marines accept this song as a result of being in a war zone for too long, etc. I don’t condone any form of blood shed, but tell me something: in a Democracy, as is America, do the people not have a right to choose to send their children to war? Yes, and America chose to send it’s children to war, knowing that it’s children will succumb to the pressures of terror, will seek violence, will die. Soldiers of a Democracy have the right to not go to war -remember that American men sought Canada as a refuge during the draft, escaping the idea of risking their own lives to shoot someone who’s face was really no different from their own.

    Soldiers from the wars of the 20th century expressed the same sentiments and fears, no matter which beloved country they killed for: they defended themselves from people who were defending themselves. If you step into another person’s home, for wrong or right, you shall expect some sort of defence -dogs, baseball bat, boobytrap. And you may choose to strike back with whatever you’ve got on hand because that is your human instinct -fight or flight. And you can say that I was in danger, that I wanted to survive, that I wanted my army buddies to survive too. But you must also say: I chose to be there. I chose to place myself in a position where I would be attacked.

    An excellent point made by one of the Marines here was about the internal crime of America (as one example). The world supports criminal activity by supporting certain forms of mainstream music. Just by watching it on MTV, we support it. Women as sex slaves to men who have the “bling-bling”, one guy threatening to kill another’s boy by dealing him bad drugs… we shrug our shoulders to that to you, but it ain’t no joke according to the crime reports in America.

    So please, if you shrug your shoulders, see things as nothing more than a joke because it ain’t you it’s bothering, do us a favour –don’t call yourself a human being. At least not one who has any respect for life.

  • This guy is stuck in Iraq trying to pass the tie so he writes a song…. a funny one at that! Great job Cpl. Joshua Belile!

  • The US army of today tries to present itself as a force for rehabilitation and stability and not just as a unit of undisciplined warriors. We have enough trouble changing our image without this. There are usually three reasons why people write songs of this type and those are money, publicity, perversions, or all three. This soldier should be sent home where he can be rehabilitated. While I am writing I might take this opportunity to express one citizen’s opinion on the placement of the nuclear missile shields in the news. I am against nuclear weapons since I would rather be nuked myself that do the same to whole populations, friends or enemies. I think that the use of missile shields could be a life saving alternative since they allows fearful nations to dispose of their nuclear weapons which are a danger to themselves as well as others. For example Iranians are friendly on the whole but any earthquake of which there are many in both our countries could set of an explosion that could kill us. “The Mighty Mississippi” which divides our narion has a fault line that experts predict will crack again and Iran is is as much danger to itself as it is from others if one of theri frequent quakes should hit one of their facilities.

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