This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Tragedy at The Beach

Global Voices: Tragedy and shock has captured the minds and hearts of Palestinian bloggers this week. The Israeli shelling of Gaza which lead to the death of several civilians including women and children, tadalafil has some calling it Bloody Friday…[read]


  • The loss of life was tragic. Now we’re trying to figure out what happened. The news in the U.S. today said that the Israelis have released the results of their study. They are saying that the explosion was caused by mines placed there by Palestinian fighters as a result of an Israeli landing of soldiers by sea. Is there anyone else doing an investigation to find out what really happened?

  • The film shot in the aftermath of this tragedy is fishy. Several people have noted that if you freeze one of the versions of the film that is being circulated you’ll notice you can see the ‘dead’ father’s arm isn’t in the same position it was at the beginning of the film. He also doesn’t have even a scratch on him. People have noted several other problems with this film which indicate it was rehearsed. People did die, of course, but it was Hamas not Israel that caused this tragedy.

    Richard Landes has the best theory on the film. He believes it was a reenactment of sorts.

  • Isle 3, yup, you never know. Palestinians could’ve reenacted the whole thing in that giant underground movie studio in Gaza only moments after it happened. And given that there no witnesses, or rather whatever witnesses were there can’t be trusted because they’re Palestinians (hence bias), then who knows…anything could’ve happened. 🙂

  • Hamas has been so vocal and outraged by the incident with Khalid Abu Hilal saying, “This is an Israeli lie and an attempt to escape moral responsibility for the massacre of a completely innocent family,” Yet Hamas has a history of targeting and deliberately killing innocent families. Hamas is really the last group who should be making statements about the morality of this tragedy. Though the media is so quick to blame Israel, I think it is still very unclear as to what exactly happened on the beach. The one thing no one can deny is that it was a horrible human tragedy.

  • Well, these children should have known better…

    Only Israeli settlers children are entitled for a beach picnic , health care , education and summer camps â?¦

    I wonder when is teh worl gonna wake up and see Israel the way it realy is ….A country that is built on the ruin of another country ..another people stolen lands ..financed by American tax payers money ..supported by people who are no less barbaric â?¦.


  • Nas, the witnesses cannot even make up their minds about fundamental facts that happened that day. I still see numerous contradictory stories floating around in the press about the events that occurred that day. I think you would do well to watch Landes’ Pallywood and its sequel on al-Dura hoax for excellent demonstrations of Pali con-artistry and tragedy-mongering at its finest and, at times, most humorous.

    In any event, the Palestinians aren’t serious about cleaning up terrorism in their society, so the fault rests with them anyway. If they don’t want the Israelis taking “draconian measures,” they should police themselves.

    In fact, Hamas came out just a few days ago stating it would be willing to negotiate a truce with Israel (only after, of course, Israel threatened to target Hamas leaders in the event of any attacks in the aftermath of this incident) and stating it would talk to the Islamic Jihad fellows about stopping the rocket attacks. Hmmm….either they have the power to stop the rockets and haven’t been exercising it or they don’t and are useless when it comes to enforcing a ceasefire. Either way, Hamas isn’t serious about permanent peace or even indefinite ceasefire.

    To the Palestinian children: Sorry. Sorry you are indoctrinated by a culture that would rather see you grow up a suicidal shaheed maniac than a doctor, scientisist, or something else useful and productive to the world. Sorry the great majority of you believe the concept of shahada is superior to any negotiated settlement or peaceful resolution. Sorry you suffer too much of the brunt of the Israeli-Palestinian fighting. It isn’t fair, you deserve better.

    To the Palestinian adults: Screw you and your silly faux nation, you perverse Hamastinians. Grow up and raise your children as civilized human beings before you demand anything from anybody. Sorry to sound neo-colonial but people who would send their children to slaughter gleefully don’t deserve independence. You don’t deserve a state. When you decide to join the civilized or even just the semi-civilized world, come back and talk. Until then, you are nothing but savages.

    Why anyone would want to support the creation of yet another despotic bastion of jihad-fanaticism and Islamic backwardness in the Mideast is beyond me.

  • Isle 3, lol I dont know sometimes. Maybe the evil Hamas has Speilberg locked up in a basement somewhere editing footage from a digital camera. I’m inclined to believe that if this event took place in front of your very eyes you would still say it’s a “hoax”, which is strange coming from a country that can hardly feed itself.

    Palestinians are not serious about stopping a resistance movement. And why should they? When you create an environment of oppression what else is to emerge from it but resistance.

    Whether it’s Hamas or any other organization, none of them have the ability to stop rocket attacks or any other resistance actions. The people are responding accordingly to their own oppresive states. There is no heirarchy in which they wait for a word to come from on up telling them to retaliate to Israeli missiles.

    And here’s where I have trouble with your arguement…

    your arguement isnt with the acts it is with the people…you dont like the people. think about that for a moment. you have very little understanding of who Palestinians are yet you’re already inclined to label them as barbaric and uncivilized people….people who raise their children to be uncivilized. you don’t like the people. just think about that for a moment. unless you’ve lived in the same environment in which these people are forced to live in I doubt you can ever fully appreciate their situation.

    Those last two paragraphs reminded me of AlQueda propaganda where they rant on about how all Americans are evil and infidels and must be killed. Kind of weird how people who dwell on the extremes have so much in common.

    I’m trying to remember what percentage of Americans voted for Bush and whether I should be calling them uncivilized right now.

    lastly, a few interesting developments:,,2-10-1462_1954314,00.html

  • I have a question about your sources, Nas. Exactly who are these independent medical investigators? The only source they cite by name is the now backtracking Human Rights Watch.

    FYI, a new development in the story is being discussed by those closely following it. Apparently, a landmine appears on some of the footage of the Gaza Beach video(s). Here is the landmine and here is a similar landmine.

    Will Hamas issue an apology for booby-trapping the beach with a daisy chain of landmines? Don’t hold your breath.

  • lol @ the human rights watch…yeah it’s not really called backtracking if you’re not allowed near the evidence. it’s questionable when the whole “investigation” is run by the Israeli army. but of course it must be mines that hamas itself has planted on its beaches. and the pictures you showed me are just beautiful i can even see the hamas logo printed on the side of one so you might be on to something. it’s also weird how the timeline of events were moved around so that Israel’s firing on Gaza stopped a few minutes before the beach blast, despite hospital records.

    even Peretz isn’t sure about what he’s supposed to be saying…

    At a Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Peretz told ministers the blast could have been caused by unexploded Israeli ordnance that had already been on the beach, his office said.

    lol it’s strange that some people are more inclined to believe the theory that it was a mine planted by hamas, more than the IOF believe it themselves.

    they just have better press 😉

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