Reviewing: X-Men The Last Stand

Warning: This review is very bias. I was an avid fan between the ages of 8 and 13 (the ages when you’re allowed to read comic books)

X-Men The Last Stand is supposed to be the final movie in the great franchise, although I expect them to make another one a few years from now and probably a Wolverine spin off. The story takes a life of its own, away from any tradition the comics ever held. The brewing conflict between man and mutant, more specifically Magneto versus the X-Men, comes to its climactic finale.

The story is quite simple: a “cure” is developed to turn mutants back to “normal” humans and Magneto takes the opportunity to gather his brotherhood to battle mankind. Jean Grey who died in the first movie, returns in this movie as her alter-ego Phoenix which was something every X-Men realised would happen the minute the second movie ended. She plays a central role this time around. The movie also tries to put an emphasis on a central theme, that being the fight between good and evil but more importantly something we might have heard in the first Spiderman movie: with great power comes great responsibility.

The visual effects are simply outstanding and the story is probably the most solid one of the trilogy. We also get to meet new characters like Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser) playing Beast and Vinnie Jones (Snatch) playing The Juggernaut. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Halle Berry (Storm) seem to be the main characters in the movie, or at least the one’s with the most lines and I’m betting it has something to do with too much star power for one movie. There are bits and pieces scattered throughout the movie that concern certain characters and references that are sort of a wink and nod to the avid X-Men fan, which I kind of appreciated.

Wolverine as a character is so well developed at this point that when he does do his own film it will probably be the most successful spin off in cinematic history for sure. People love the good guy who acts like a bad guy and this movie lets him do his claw thing while running around searching for a light for his cigar in the middle of a fight. He’s one of the rare super heros that actually looks good kicking ass.

Anyways, this is the first official popcorn summer blockbuster movie for me and I think just about anyone can enjoy it. It has something to offer all viewers in my opinion. I think some of the fans were worried director Brett Ratner who took over for Bryan Singer, would ruin the franchise but I think he gave it the end it deserves…if this is the end.

Bottom Line: 4/5


  • I didn’t read the review as not to spoil the thing!

    Anyways these are your reviews, right?Yes!
    Dude, when do actually have all the time to watch these movies?!Good for you and her 😉

    Do you have senior tickets or something? Mzabet wath3ak ma3 garabah shaghal fel

  • Firas, well I’m a movie buff. I’m the guy who knows all those little facts about movies you’ve never even heard of. Plus I like reviewing them. But essentially if you ever live in Toronto (and you don’t drink or party) you’ll discover that movies are your only refuge, especially if the cinema is down the street. 😉

  • I understand you’re a fan, I personally find the whole storyline behind X-Men is excellent. I liked the movie, the VFX, but I got tonnes of bad feedback to tell…

    Jean’s powers got all frenzy and super random

    They scratched off scott so fast

    The Angel mutant was pretty interesting, but it was so ignored in the movie,

    Mystique lost her powers, which is a total stupid thing…
    and the way she had full make up, done nails, perfectly
    done hair when she was retracted…I mean, COME ON!

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