Royal Cars Cruise Amman on Independence Day

The Royal Automobile Museum plans to send its classical cars into the streets of Amman, viagra 60mg stomach treat as part of the countryâ??s Independence Day celebrations on May 25, order link according to a statement released by the museum. The motorcade will start off from the museum in King Hussein Park, drive to the Citadel in downtown Amman and back. This would be the first time the museum releases its invaluable vehicles into the streets. [Jordan Times]

This should be quite a sight to see. Wish I was there.

You can also see the collection of cars online.


  • Salaam Aleikum

    Hm… That sounds nice. Been wanting to take kids to the Museum, but this would be a great opportunity to see the cars for FREE 🙂 My DS is crazy about cars.

    Does anyone know where to find out info about events on that day? I’ve been driving by the park, and they have been putting up bleechers(sp?) for awhile. Looks like for a parade. My kids and I became citizens last year, I thought it would be nice for us to check things out and learn more about our “new” country. 🙂 Thanks.



  • I liked the collection at the museum. It is about much more than cars, they encode significant parts of jordanian history. Royal and beyond. But in the streets? With all those shouting traffic-police loudspeakers? It does not sound tasteful to me. Like taking out, in a street-parade, statues in Athens or Rome or paintings of Impressionists in Paris. What a procession…

  • LOL @ rubbing it in people’s face 😀

    Well that’s not really the worst you could say about rubbing it in the people’s face. I’ll tell you what’s rubbing it in the people’s face. You wanting to buy a motorcycle in Jordan, finding out that you can’t because they’re only legal for companies’ couriers and then seeing a bunch of guys touring the streets of Amman on Harley Davidsons and Honda CBR’s with vests that read “The Royal Motorcycle Club”.

    That’s rubbing it in the people’s face :shed sha3rak:


  • Hamzeh, I know people who have motorcycles in Amman legally, with a lisence and everything, and they dont belong to any club or company. perhaps you were misinformed?

  • Hm… Maybe I’ve forgotten where I am… Maybe there isn’t a planned thing like Independence Day in US. In the US there are public BBQ’s, fireworks, etc… I guess any activities are a show up whenever thing or maybe “real” people aren’t invited. Or does the day really matter to most people?

  • Halla, I wouldn’t know about scheduled events, probably if you tune in to local radio stations or the papers might have something. I’m out of the country so I don’t know. It’s not as gung-ho as the US probably because our independence didn’t involve a bloody revolution and the establishment of a super power. people going to the dead sea to do mashawi is common. but if you’re into family a “outting” then King Hussein Park is a safe bet. In my teenage years Independence Day usually meant driving around town with friends to watch fireworks and maybe get some cheap ice cream in jabal hussein. 😀

  • Nas, I know someone who has a motorcycle too, and I think he had to use was6a to get it 😀

    What I know is that they’re only allowed for company couriers; ie. you’ll register them with the name of a company. I’m not sure whether there are restrictions on the kind of motorcycle it is or the engine displacement, which is where a was6a would probably come in.

    If they weren’t allowed, then the government wouldn’t say that they “started allowing” motorcycles up to 250cc which are mostly scooters. And if they were allowed, I guarantee you you would see a lot more in Jordan, and you would definitely see at least one dealership.

    But that’s off topic now so lets not talk about it.

  • Nas,

    Thanks. I looked on the Jordan Times website, I didn’t see anything, maybe it’s too early. I’ll look around for info, or maybe we’ll just get out and see what we can find. 🙂

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