There’s Something Fishy Going On

A fish with markings that resembled a Koranic text has disappeared from the Kenyan Fisheries Department in Mombasa. The tuna fish, which had provoked intense interest from Muslims, was apparently stolen by people posing as National Museum officials.

The theft was discovered when the real official from the museum, based at Fort Jesus in Mombasa, came to get the fish. The fish was being studied to find out if the Arabic inscription “You are the best provider” was natural or a hoax.

Sceptics say the writing was the work of someone who caught the fish and then threw it back into the sea. But others say this would be impossible, and local imams are said to have been talking in the mosques about the fish.

Over the weekend, people thronged to the Takaungu Fish Shop in Mombasa’s old town after the owner noticed the tuna fish’s remarkable markings. An official at the fisheries department in Mombasa said someone had even offered to pay as much as $150. Under normal circumstances the fish would fetch not more than $6. [source]

Behold! God has chosen to manifest his divine words on the side of a tuna fish! Put your Qurans down for this is surely greater proof of His existence! Imams, forget about preaching from the Holy Book about peace and understanding, about morals and living a good life, about fighting poverty through charity; focus on the fish!

Silly humans; tricks are for kids.


  • God is just…we Christians have Jesus’ face showing up on grilled cheese sandwiches later sold on ebay. How easily people are led away by a ‘miracle’

  • people believing in a religion must have signs or miracles to prove the truthness of that religion. Islam and Christianity are the two religions whcih have lots of signs and miracles that not just supports the reigin but proves it. Islam, Christianity and Jewish are religions of Allah thats why they have miracles.
    Allah has stated in the Holy Quran ” We(ALLAH)will show them our signs in their own souls and in the horizon, until it’s clear to them that this is the truth”
    Look at how Allah is written in arabic, and read ur hands
    Look at ur left hand, in arabic it’s wriiten 81
    Look at ur right hand it is written 18 81+18=99
    Allah has sum of 99 names, as staed in the Quran
    Our Prophet Mohammed (May Allah’s Peace and Blessing be Upon Hima) Passed away at the age of 63
    this is written in our hands, another way of saying, There is no god but Allah, and Muhammed(p.b.u.h)is the messenger of Allah.
    In nature there are uncountable signs of Allah, go to google or msn or whereever u want and write Allah miracle, see with ur own eyes how many signs of Allah u would see.
    Go to sunami disaster, and with ur own eyes see that how sunami has destroyed and there is nothing to stand, EXCEPT THE MOSQUES,
    As a friend I invite u to truth, to peace by inviting u to read the Qur’an.

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