Muslim Brotherhood Grasping At Straws

The official site of the Muslim Brotherhood, , has provided in an article today, May 16, 2006, information regarding three men, Ayman Nagi Daraghmeh, Ahmed Muhammad Khalil Abu Rabie, and Ahmed Nimr Mustafa Abu Thiyab, who are accused by Jordanian officials of being part of a Hamas cabal to possibly execute an attack against Jordanian intelligence officers and foreign tourists. The message has also been distributed amongst several jihadist forums. Rather than members of Hamas, the article challengers that based on testimonies received from â??very close individualsâ? to the three, the men are affiliated with the Palestinian Fatah organization, and the accusation is part of a conspiracy against the Hamas government.

Each of the men, Daraghmeh, Rabie and Thiyab, are described negatively for the â??bad companyâ? with whom they associate, lack of religious practice, and vice. Further, the man who Ayman Nagi Daraghmeh cited as their trainer for Hamas, Tawfiq al-Aâ??aboushi, is explained to be a â??gangsterâ? and of â??bad manners,â? never entered a mosque to pray, and liked and is close to Fatah. [source]

I especially like the part where members of Fatah can easily be identified as people who don’t pray and are basically un-Islamic. The evidence is overwhelming to say the least. What amazes me is the political blunder here. Most people were refusing to believe the government’s claims despite the evidence yet the Brotherhood sweeps in to worsen it which is a bad political move. They could’ve stayed silent and looked like winners with a clean slate, not having to do anything at all; instead they decided to get their hands dirty. They’ve also risked exposing just how connected they are with the Hamas leadership in Palestine. If Abbas had not come to Amman to see the evidence and then declare it to be “dangerous” and “startling” they probably would not have made this move, but who knows.


  • Nas, MB like Hamas have a real Public Relations problem. If they smart enough, they should hire someone who can be presentable and eloquent to express their views in a fashionable way. As you know, I am not a big fan of the MB but to be objective I think that the smart way was to distant themselves from Hamas at least for a while. But hey what do I know?

  • The MB in Jordan and IAF are really being defiant!
    And it’s with no doubt that they have wide support from people in Jordan for various reasons!

    Now, if you are an undercover Hamas agent, and you know the government is cracking up on “Abu le7yes and Arab afghanis” you will for sure go for a gangster thing! Lol

    I like how reliable their claims are: Some friends of him in the 7ara told us that he’s az3ar, neswanji o thareeb mwas, hence he’s Fatah!

    Now, you don’t have to be religious to support Hamas or work with them!

    THE MB in Jordan and its IAF should be dealt with wisely, before we see another Hamas-like government in Jordan! The people on the street support them, not for their agenda, but because they simply speak up against the government! The government should work hard on its credibility and lower prices for God’s sake!

    Do one of those oil-money projects in poor areas, development projects, something that will raise life standards in these poor areas and provide them with decent jobs!

    Okay let me get this:
    So for years, Fatah has predicted that Hamas will sweep the elections, so they masterfully orchestrated this plan to frame up Hamas when they win the elections? So Fatah guys went to the Jordanian government and said: Dudes we’ve been busy hiding vast weapons to create instability in Jordan but now we’ve decided to abort this plan and get Hamas in trouble?

    Actually Nas, I think by saying these guys are Fatah’s members, they admit that the case is true and there are weapons indeed, regardless if it’s a conspiracy or not, they do admit of its existence.

    According to the story 90% of Jordan’s cabbies are Fatah! lol

  • Dear sir
    I’m touched by your worm sympathetic words towards the Islamic cause, which I assure you is a totally peaceful one. Islam dictates on its follower to pursue justice and prosperity through peaceful means that is based on mutual respect of other fellow human beings of all creeds.
    Islam does not nurtures nor advocates terrorism, but surely like any other religion (and in line with all human conventions and current international laws) it legislates for defending one’s self if unjustly attacked without any provocations in order to prevent spreading of injustices and hence corruption and to ensure a just world for all human to share its potentials. To this end I would like to introduce you to The Muslim Brotherhood Group, a socio-economical, political and spiritual movement that is promoting the middle course Islam and is embracing peaceful means in its long struggle to achieve social justice and bring about the long awaited for political reforms via the democratic change in Egyptb and elsewhere.
    I would also want to draw your attention to the fact that is the only official English web site airing the views of the Muslim Brotherhood Group on current national and international affairs as well as giving a true account of the group’s history and their standing viewpoints.

    Kind Regards
    Ikhwan Web Editor

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