The Loose Change Of 9/11

The US justice department has released the first video of the plane crashing into the Pentagon on 11 September 2001. The release of the video, taken from a Pentagon security camera, comes after a Freedom of Information Act request by legal watchdog Judicial Watch. The group said it hoped to dispel conspiracy theories about the crash.

“Finally, we hope that this video will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving American Airlines Flight 77,” president Tom Fitton said.

Some theorists have suggested the aircraft was shot down in flight, and that the Pentagon was struck by a missile. [source]

I recently got around watching the documentary “Loose Change” after I saw “In Plane Sight” a year ago or so. For those who havenâ??t seen either one, it basically reviews videos of the crashes in slow motion, media quotes and eye witness accounts from newspapers and TV reports. You can watch them on YouTube or Google Video. It also presents various “experts” who question why the towers fell, claiming it’s an engineering impossibility. Photos of the Pentagon crash show no airplane debris, as if it all disappeared, and no shape of a plane in the wall but rather a gaping hole. Anyways both films go through an extensive list of things which I suppose took a lot of research.

I questioned a lot of the things presented because either it didn’t make sense or because there could be more than one explanation. For example, the second plane to fly into the second tower had a white flash coming out just seconds before impact. The film suggests it could have been a missile or a bomb exploding at the exact moment. To me it looked like the Sun reflecting on the nose of the plane for a brief second. There was also the claim that it was not an airliner jet but a windowless plane based on a few pictures and video clips of news reports at the time.

I don’t buy most of the stuff but some of it does throw a few things in to question. These are old questions in my head and nothing actually provoked from the films.

I remember sitting and watching the whole thing on American TV, switching channels to get more and more information. And I can’t remember almost any of it. None of that footage was ever shown again. What I do remember were reporters saying they heard the sound of bombs exploding near the ground floor of the towers, seeing flashes of light inside the building and a whole bunch of other bits of information here and there that was “cleared up” after 9/11 and never heard from again.

I guess we’re always stuck in this world that is black and white. Either you accept this as the absolute truth or you are a denier. So the truth becomes questionable and all of history is questionable. The truth is usually somewhere in between because there are always questions with no answers. As far as 9/11 is concerned, not all the information about that day is known. It’s been kept classified and that is an obvious fact. Videos like this one that the Pentagon just released are proof of that. So conspiracy theorists will always be filling in the blanks.


  • heh i’ve seen this video released by the pentagon, and i must say this is seriously pathetic, first of all, why did it take them 5 years to release the video and the other footage? most importantly the position of the plane, being completely horizontal and almost touching to the ground is just rediculous, it is just impossible to fly a plane at high speeds and manuvour it into such a position, it just can’t be done 🙂

  • in the days before technology, we used a model airplane, string and a back picture to get the plane to do the manuvour…what do u think they used?

  • well, I have one thing to say, where does Al Qaeda stand in all that? they have declared over and over that they are the ones who did it! and for the Pentagon issue, if it was a missile, then why on earth didn’t Al Qaeda said that?

    For me, I’ve watched so many analysis and documentaries concerning 9/11, and to be honest, the conspiracy is very possible, so, taking al Qaeda into account; it’s either that Al Qaeda works for the CIA, or what happened is that the CIA knew all about it, and worked to support the operation and strengthen it! or maybe they catched all Al Qaeda members just before they start anything, replaced the actors and the planes, and bombed the Pentagon with a small missile!

  • bakkouz, lol are you a pilot or were you just really into Flight Simulator as a kid? 😀

    fad, Neil Armstrong in a Nevada desert, walking on “the moon” 😉

    OmAr, lol hey, anything’s possible. then again…occam’s razor is something that comes to mind

  • Hmm I have liked the computerized special effects of will smith running away from UFOs in the desert in Independence day more than this footage. However let us remember that this scene was the last seconds of the lives of around 60 innocent people and this is a real tragedy regardless of our political argument.

  • Salam,

    Well, I still have issues with 9/11 and Alqaeda. And if Nas allow me I’m going to state those issues in here.

    1- In 1997 CIA met with Bin Laden in a Dubai hospital.

    2- We all know CIA trained “Alqaeda” to fight Russia.

    3- Have anyone of us heard of the term “Alqaeda” prior to 9/11?! And we M.Easterns are very political savvy.

    4- Why would Bin Laden admit the 9/11 crime only the night of the 2nd elections of bush, when he was loosing the race to the Democrats , but all the sudden here comes the Bin Laden tape timed perfectly to scare the American people and remind them that no matter what Bush might be, he is anything but fearful. And we all know Bush won by implementing fear into the American citizens.

    5- I would maybe allow the idea if this is done by “Muslims”, but I don’t see them going all the way with their plan without an inside help, there are a lot of protocols and procedures only the military has to permit for it to happen.

    6- I think flight 93 was hit by a US missile not by an airplane.

    7- There was news that they found the passports of the hijackers at the twin tower sight! Now come on you, how convenient!

    8- How come the IMs that have been sent to Israel from the US warning of the 9/11 before it happened have not be investigated till now??!!

    9- The Mosad guys who were filming and cheering the incident were caught then sent back to Israel quietly.

    10- I think the so called “Alqaeda” is infiltrated by many foreign groups, while the basic fighter thinks he is doing a Jihad, his orders are coming from someone who has nothing to do with Islam.

    Ew salamatkom.

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