Arab Men & Rejection

College student kidnaps his female co-student

A college student took revenge on his female co-student who refused to marry him by kidnapping her and stealing her jewelry. The 21-year-old college student kidnapped the 20-year-old woman after doping her by putting a sedative in her juice. He held her for three days in a villa in a rural area near Cairo, where he also stole her jewelry. (Al Akhbar) [source]

I’ve heard stories that are in the same ballpark of crazy as this one, which leads me to wonder if some Arab men have difficulty dealing with rejection. And for some reason it tends to be from the upper classes. Then again maybe we’re no different from the rest of the world.


  • I think the problem is universal. This dude is not the first, or last guy to go nuts over a chick and try to win her back in anyway. Look at the news of the “more civilized” west and you see this happens everyday. It doesn’t even make it to the main media sometimes since it’s “common”
    Few years ago, a friend of a brother of a friend (yeah, it’s far) killed his girlfriend in her house and took away his own life (Yes in Jordan) and later on alot of complications happened that ended up having my friend’s brother spend time in Jail eventhough he was innocent!
    Anyway, stuff like that happens all over the world. We’re not anyworse 🙂

  • It’s true. And it’s a shame that they look so peaceful under the surface until they actually get rejected, and their true colors are unleashed. It’s sad.

  • Do we really have different values? or different morals? I think all human are the same, they all suffer from the same issues.
    What makes us so gallant compared to other nations? Nothing!
    In every community, you’ll find the moral, the religious, the sweet, the prostitute and the person who’s willing to sell his soul
    We’re no better than other nations but on the same point, we’re not worse. The cup is half empty AND half full at the same time.

  • I think that Arab men in particular have a problem dealing with rejection. It has to do with misconceptions about women and the man-woman role in a relationship.

  • This is a human thing .. both men and women all over the world don’t like being rejected, I mean who does? However; it is the amount of tolerance and endurance that makes the difference …

    This guy kidnapped her, but some people go to much more extreme measures to prove a point and revenge for their ego .. like rape or disfiguring the other using different methods of beating or raping or throwing acid on ones face or skin, I even once saw in a show that a man set his girlfriend on fire when she told him it was over …
    Crimes of passion are always the most intense and they are almost always induced by jealousy, betrayal or rejection
    Maybe it is more apparent in men because they have more ego and macho and this applies to men as a gender and not as an ethnicity … women also share this although on a lower scale

  • Iam sure that this man was being hurt from the only he loves. its not easy to be rejected by someone you love!! and what i think that this girl give him the red line, men do not propose without the green line!!
    so we cant juge coz we dont know the whole story, but what he did is a mistake.. whatever she did but iam sure after what he did he felt more comfortable :)and thanks god he just took her jewlery 😀

  • Every now and then we hear about a woman who did this or that to her or her boyfriend or even her son or daughter. It doesn’t really matter who does initiates the domestic violence then end result is always ugly
    The sad part is that people tend to bucketize or generalize that people are either this or that. When in fact every single incident on it’s own with it’s circumstances is unique on it’s own

    It’s sad really, but hopefully, people will learn to deal better with one another and communicate. It’s really the key. But again, there’ll always be people taking advantage of others and hurting them sometimes people are just asking for it. A girl would know the guy is trouble, it’s written all over him but would she listen? would she stop? no way. Same about guys, always looking for someone out of thier league or not suitable ending up getting hurt and bringing it all out on the girl
    From personal experience I can safely say, keep an eye on your relationships, the signs are always staring you in the eye, but we chose not to see them

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