Palestinian Days

Israel’s “presents” to the children of Palestine on Palestinian Child Day

Jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj had this interesting caricature done today that got me thinking. Palestinian Child Day was last week on April 5th. Less than a week before that was Palestine’s Land Day on March 30th. Just last Friday on April 9th marked the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre.

So 3 weeks of basically remembering tragedies; remembering children who died under occupation, land that was taken through occupation and massacres which happened by forces of occupation.

Land day is “celebrated” usually by protests against land confiscations, house demolitions, the illegal wall, the illegal settlements, and the attempt to annex the Jordan Valley has been to that growing list.

Child Day is “celebrated” with funerals and more funerals

April 19th will mark 4 years since the atrocities done in Jenin.

It’s a cruel irony really that most nations around the world, most people around this globe have actual celebratory days to commemorate culturally significant moments of their country’s history; mostly just the good stuff. While in Palestine it feels like everyday is a reminder of a brutal past and everyday is the unfolding of a cruel present. Maybe there just isn’t any “good stuff” to remember; they all end in a tragedy.


  • Just think. We’re less than 5 mos away from the 36th anniversary of the PLO’s attempt to overthrow the Jordanian government.

    And we’re just passed the 30th anniversary of the Massacre of Damour.

  • sam, don’t insult my intelligence or my blog. i have no problem with the comment even though it has nothing to do with my own post.

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