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A few bits of interesting news concerning Hamas caught my attention this morning. Apparently there are about 10 cabnit members of the new Hamas government who are stuck in Israeli jail, so their representation? Life-sized photographs propped up in their respective seats. They are amongst 9,000 Palestinians in jail.

In a 1999 survey conducted by the International Committee of the Red Cross, 45% of Palestinian males under the age of 40 said they had been in jail at some point in their lives. [source]

Some of them are there for helping to plot bomber missions. Some for flying the Palestinian flag or displaying pictures of Arafat or throwing stones (before Oslo these things could get you jailed). As many as 700 are held under ‘administrative detention’; without a charge. At least 2000 children have been imprisoned since the second intifada began (5% of total Palestinian prisoners are under the age of 18).

Analyst Toufic Hadad says electing prisoners to parliament “is a fitting symbol for what the Palestinian people truly are – an imprisoned nation, fighting for their freedom”.

Today the Israeli police detained another cabnit member

â??Khaled Abu Arafa, minister of Jerusalem affairs, was arrested on the outskirts of East Jerusalem, the officials said.

Hamas said Mr Abu Arafa, a resident of the city, had been detained several times by Israel in the past. Mr Arafa was detained at a checkpoint at the entrance to al-Azaria, a suburb of East Jerusalem, news agencies reported. His bodyguard told the BBC that their car was stopped and the minister asked for his papers. There was some altercation and the minister was arrested. [source]�


  • Impressive! but I wonder how they get to vote in prison.

    I heard about the minister today, it’s nothing shocking; Israel doesn’t respect anything as usual.

  • 45% of Palestinian males under the age of 40 said they had been in jail at some point in their lives

    The occupational mindset of Israel has translated the word Palestnian into terrorist (I guess we scare the hell out of them, which can be fun till one of us get shot for no reason).

    Unfortunately they’ve succeeded in turning the resistance and kids with brave hearts into terrorists in the eyes of the whole World.

    Job well done, I admit that it’s quite impressive thats to say the least.

  • samaritan



    I have no idea where you come up with the notion that israel cares about the well being of the Palestinian population! keep in mind that Palestine is under occupation, so you can say civil disorder is something that could be thought of as … oh … natural!

    there has been instances of theft, murder, etc in Gaza (and what city in the world doesn’t have that?)- since the PA took control there has never been one instance in which israeli occupation forces arrested anyone under those charges. these are undisputed facts…I would love for you to prove otherwise.

  • samaritan:

    Given the rampant lawlessness in places like the Gaza Strip, my only question is: why only 45%? Why not something like 85%?

    Excuse me? and is that true for any lawlessness population or only in “places like the Gaza Strip”?

    Enlighten us, I hope you know what you’re talking about but I highly doubt it.

  • samaritan

    Seriously, what are you talking about? Thank you so much for bearing with me while I try to comprehend your nonsense!

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