I’m a LOST Freak

I havenâ??t missed an episode since this series started and it quickly became my favorite. Sometimes I admit an episode or two will run a bit slow, but overall it’s highly addictive. There are of course many many theories out there about the Island and the mystery behind the show. There are thousands of questions like who the ‘others’ are, the hatch, the company that built it, the button they have to press, the food that fell from the sky, how Locke is able to walk, why the ‘others’ are so interested in kidnapping children, Hurley’s magic numbers, the crazy French woman, the polar bear, the black thing that Mr. Eko stared down. Et cetera.

Questions about the Island are endless and they keep me watching, but questions about the characters are just as addictive. Every episode reveals more about the Island and a character at the same time.

Tonight’s episode was one of the most interesting ones I think. Turns out Hurley had an imaginary friend named Dave, it was a little obvious from the first few minutes, but then Dave brings some bad news: the plane crash, the Island, everything is in Hurley’s head. He helps him realize this by pointing out the various coincidences, like the fact that the numbers they enter in the computer are the same ones Hurley used to win the lottery. And in an even more surprising twist Libby, the hot blonde who seems to be attracted to Hurley, was apparently at the same mental hospital, watching him.

Of all the theories out there I think one of them has just been disproved: I guess the whole show is not in one of the characters’ heads.

The theories though are endless. Even Hurley’s numbers have their share of the mystery: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 108. How many people probably used these numbers to play the lottery? One theory suggests that the numbers when inputed into the Connect Four game Hurley and Larry were playing in the institute, create the constellation Ursa Major. The 6 stars which make up the constellation represent 6 hatch stations on the island, and if you match up the night sky to a map of the island you get the location of each. Don’t ask me, I’m not an expert.

Everyone has a theory, some are obviously putting a lot more thought into it but I’m just trying to enjoy the show without turning into a LOST freak.


  • I still watch this show every Wednesday night, I’ve only missed one episode this season.

    The thing is, people assume that the “real twist” already exists, but even the writers themselves haven’t yet figured out how they want the show to end, or what they want the twist to be.

    This show could become a classic if they end it in two or three seasons max, but if they decide that they’re just gonna ride it as long as it takes to make money then all the loyal fans that gathered during the first two seasons to watch a good plot unfold are probably gonna loose interest and then the writers themselves are gonna start looking for the magic recipe again, but by then, it would already be too late as the show itself would be “lost”.

  • Hamzeh, I think the writers have some idea to tell you the truth. I mean at this point I think they’ve already written the next season. But the long term plan of it, yeah I doubt they know.

    I’m hoping for 5 seasons, maybe 6. something like Sopranos.

  • I just love love love this show
    Although we are behind you … I am a dedicated fan and I haven’t missed a single episode ever since it started …

    Come to think of it; who is your “LOST” favorite character?

  • I have a love-hate relationship with the show. I watched last week’s episode, and I thought it was incredible. Before that, I caught maybe 10 episodes of the first season then life got too busy to really keep up with it and I lost interest.

    But also, does anyone else get the impression that they’re throwing in twists every chance they get? Don’t they run the risk of “twist saturation” like this? At times the show’s unpredictability seems too predictable, if that makes any sense.

    One of these days I’ll rent the entire first season and watch it to get a more objective view. Until then, I’ll try to keep up with the current season.

  • Khalidah, lol i wouldn’t know but he got beat up in last night’s episode 😀

    Alb Sayed, yeah I see what you’re saying about the predicability of the unpredictability. But what I’ve noticed thus far is that some episodes are simply meant to be revealing, no real twists in them, they just tell you something about a character that you didn’t know. Other episodes have smaller twists. Other episodes have bigger twists. And other episodes have several twists (such as the one I saw last night).

    I think it works well. I’m sick of drama shows where the entire script is predictable. I mean at least with LOST there’s some incentive to watch.

  • Nas, 5 or 6 seasons? I think some viewers (like me) will loost interest by then.

    Khalidah “But Sawyer is the one who stirrs things up .. LOL”. He was an underwear male model 😀

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