Bird Flu & Fuel Prices

This is what happens when fuel prices go up and there’s bird flu in the country; people resort to desperate measures.

An initiative has been taken to increase bird flu awareness in the country:

â??Dr Ali Odatallah, a public health officer at the Department of Disease Control, said that the communications committee â?? which includes representatives of the media, education and religious institutions â?? is currently preparing material about bird flu.

“Every Friday, a lot of people attend prayers at the mosque, which is why it’s important to have religious leaders present in the committee,” said Odatallah. “The information disseminated will describe what avian flu is, how to prevent it, collect information and notify the proper authorities.” [source]â?

But I wonder why they didn’t do this before. I can understand if they didn’t want to disseminate such information and create unnecessary panic, but why wasn’t the material at least prepared and good to go the minute the first bird was discovered?

As for Fuel Prices…

â??Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit on Monday said the government will disburse this month financial assistance for citizens on low incomes to offset the adverse effects of the anticipated rise in fuel prices. Bakhit told Jordan TV in an interview that prices of bread and electricity will not change as a result of the increase.

The prime minister acknowledged that lifting fuel subsidy was a “painful decision,” which will have adverse effects on certain brackets in the society. [source]

The problem with such statement is their lack of time frame. For example, prices of bread and electricity will not change as a result of the increase…now. In the long run however this is highly doubtful. In a few months the increase of fuel prices will be translated to additional costs on other industries, specifically electricity. Another example: lifting fuel subsidy was a “painful decision”. I’m assuming it was painful for the government officials. I’m also assuming this pain will be shortlived on their part but will be felt for a long time by the people.

Just a thought.

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