Don’t Worry, It’s Just Another Palestinian Child’s Death

Article of Interest: Her name was Akaber Adbelrahman Zaid and she was on her way to a doctor’s clinic to have stitches removed from her chin. Instead she received a barrage of bullets to the head, when an undercover Border Police unit opened fire on the car in which she was travelling with her uncle. [Also Related]


  • As Iâ??m writing this comment Iâ??m looking at the text that reads â??No Responses to â??Donâ??t Worry, Itâ??s Just Another Palestinian Childâ??s Deathâ??â? and I was struck by the terrible irony. As I read the article, I was drawn to the picture of the girl and felt the indescribable pain and loss in her families faces.

    Thank you for sharing this part of the world with me. With enough eyes and ears throughout the world injustices like these can be brought to light until they AREN’T tolerated, planned or even committed.

    God speed Akaber Adbelrahman Zaid. May you and your family have peace.

  • This is an important story. In one section the author addresses the big Zionist spin machine. It is so easy to get discouraged and give up because of the onslaught of Zionist spin in the media, the apologists who occupy our blogs, etc, the overall general nastiness in which the Zionists excell. The author makes the point that this is exactly for what the Zionists hope…that we’ll give up the fight because we are so weary of the toxic response that accompanies every effort on behalf of Palestinians. Thanks for disseminating it.

  • Aaron: thanks for the comment. I suppose it is terrible irony. Stories like this don’t survive in the international media and a young life passes unnoticed, unrecognised, unaddressed. (no worries, i deleted the first comment)

    umkahlil, appreciate the comment. Yes it is an important story and the least it deserves is to be disseminated, especially when everyone has the power to get involved.

  • It is a tragedy, for sure. But spewing more hatred againt the “zionists” is not the answer.

    You make it sound like the Palestinian population is a docile, peaceful group; perhaps the Swiss of the middle east. Are they not the ones who just elected a government whose main platform is the destruction of Israel? What do you expect the Israelies to do? Just say oh well, they’re probably kidding.

    Here are some examples of their peace offerings to the Israelies:
    March 29, 2006 Palestinians Fire 122mm Rockets From Gaza
    March 28, 2006: Israeli radars detected four Palestinian rockets being fired into southern Israel today.
    March 24, 2006: Two more Kassam rockets were fired into southern Israel. An Israeli patrol was attacked along the Gaza border

    This girls death is a tragedy. But no greater or less of a tragedy as if it were the death of and Israeli girl.

  • Sam, lol youre very right…I personally don’t care what “people like you” think 😀

    anyone who says, well you know most Palestinians are terrorists and Israel is just killing those ones and everyone else just sorta got in the way so that’s their fault…well…suffice to say that’s not credible 😀

    I’d ask you to read this:

    but then I’m pretty sure that you really don’t care what people like me think 😉

  • samaritan

    I think

    I think

    I think

    I think

    True, I asked ‘let me know what you think…however everything you listed is just your own mis-informed opinion …unless you back up what you ‘think’ with facts, I will have to just laugh at how pathetic your opinion is …(obviously you didn’t check the link I gave you!)

    By contrast, I think the number of Israeli killed consists of mostly civilians, a few soldiers and no terrorists.

    LOL… ooppss,I am sorry! how sad! 🙁

  • samaritan, lol well you lack a certain sutbtlty which allows anyone to read very clearly between the lines, so it’s alright if you don’t want to come out and say it straight up and honestly. I appreciate that.

    what’s the conclusion that should be drawn from…

    “I think that many of the Palestinian civilians killed were standing too close to members”

    lol collateral damage? yikes!

    “..perhaps you Arab Muslims will gain a little credibility yourselves”

    so basically because you didnt hear such denunciation for both events it means that we lack credibility? i’ll mention this issue at “our” next meeting. suffice to say, i think if you want to judge an entire people, and entire religion apparently as well, for not denouncing every single thing…lol well…i don’t think the western world is any position to demand such a thing (turn on the evening news) 😀

    “It is only when the American/European/Israeli sphere of nations kills civilians in anti-terrorist operations that most Muslims give a damn. Muslims killing civilians in pro-terrorist operations – who cares, right?”

    wow. so every American/European/Israeli operation that has resulted in casualties has been against only terrorists? hmm, i think the facts will disagree with you. It’s like saying everyone who has died in Iraq was a terrorist. I guess it’s the price we pay for America and Israel spreading freedom 😉

    I did get one of your emails, I’m glad you found some of the books. Hopefully you wont be using them for kindling.

  • samaritan lol 🙄 … and I am afraid you can’t read! I wasn’t thinking 😀 I was quoting you thinking – which seems to be a disaster everytime you attempt to do so!

    Yeah, you know those Israeli teenagers having a bite at the pizza parlors down at Tel Aviv – real hardcore terrorists there.

    Nope, not at all … the 3 month old babies sleeping in their cribs, the 6 year olds playing in their home, and the 10 year olds on their way to school are the hardcore terrorists!

    since you have a problem browsing, I’ll present them to you here.(p.s. if you have a problem deciphering numbers, ask Nas or someone else to explain to you)

    124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 716 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

    1,084 Israelis and 3,842 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.

    for more:

    shalom, my lovely twisted cousin 😳

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