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It’s been a more rock-ish week for me and most of it is from the Canadian rock scene.

Evan’s Blue falls in line with nu-metal meets mainstream rock acts like Evanescence. The song “Cold” will probably remind you of the latter band’s “Bring Me to Life” hit from a few years ago. Sadly there are not many good tracks from this band except for this one in my opinion.

is back with “All the Right Reasons” and it is definitely an album worth checking out. These guys hit it big with “How you Remind Me” which to me was not one of their better songs, mostly because they played it on Canadian radio for 2 years non stop. “Photograph” scored it big in 2005 for the band but there is a slew of other radio-friendly hits on this album. Most notably “Far Away” and “If Everyone Cared”, both on the playlist this week.

Dallas Green from a cool rock band called Alexisonfire did a little solo project which is a huge departure from his norm. The album, Sometimes, is a collection of acoustic songs he has been writing over the years. The album is released under the clever moniker: City & Colour (his name is both a city and a colour). Some of these songs are just plain amazing if you really like the acoustic rock scene, especially the tracks “Save Your Scissors” and “Casey’s Song”

A few more alternative rock tracks come by way of one of my personal favorite bands, Third Eye Blind. No, not Canadian, Californian. But Stephan Jenkins writes some of the best lyrics around today. Check out some personal favs: “In the Background” and “Wounded”.

Check’em all out on The Black Iris Radio for the week

“With you on my mind
And my heart held in your hands
Break me “

Casey’s Song – City & Colour

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