When Chickens Literally Come Home to Roost

â??The Jordanian government has placed the country on â?maximum alertâ? after cases of bird flu were identified in Israel, vcialis 40mg cure for sale Jordanian Health Minister Saeed Darwazeh said in remarks published on Saturday.

Israeli authorities officially notified Jordan and the Palestinian Authority of the bird flu cases at two farms in southern Israel, sales cialis sale Darwazeh was quoted as saying by the daily newspaper Alghad.

However the Jordanian minister asserted that his country was free of the bird flu disease as of Friday evening.

Israel is the fourth country in the region to declare the discovery of the avian bird flu. Turkey, pilule Iraq Egypt are the others. [source]�

What usually happens in these situations in Jordan is that upon hearing such horiffic news people will rush to the market and buy as many chickens as possible to store in the freezer. And of course out of bad habit (or empirical knowledge) no one believes the government “has taken all necessary measures to face the possible outbreak of the disease”

â??If the people have no chicken, let them eat caviar!â?

Marie Antoinette


  • I was thinking yesterday that the government may have taken all the necessary procedures to prevent it from spreading ,but there has to be a huge campaign telling the people not to interact with live birds.Not enough is said and throughout the last couple of wweks,i have seen childres and chicken playing around each other in a number of places outside Amman.There has to be a way to reach out to everyone.Alot of people never tune in to Jordan TV(FOR FEAR THEY MIGHT MISS A FEW MINUTES OF SATR ACADEMY OR THE LIKES).I can’t think of a specific way to do that but the people in the villages who all raise birds should be reached,one by one.

  • salam, they should employ the drivers who sell the natural gas in their pickups…put public service announcements on their recordings

  • Shall we expect the government to report a bird flu case if it happened in Jordan? I mean a human with a bird flu disease, not a bird!

    Can you imagine the panic that will happen between people of Jordan? Do you think that parents will still send their kids to schools anymore? Do you think life will be normal if they reported a case of such?!

    The best thing for the government to do â??in case of fluâ? is to keep it low profile and try to control the situation as much as possibleâ?¦ wont this be better for the â??economyâ??!

  • wallahi ya nas not such a bad idea!!haha but seriously..I t hurt me the other day in 6afileh,kids were chasing chicken,chicken were chasing kids..like best buds!

  • Hani, there are two aspects here to consider: by keeping it secret they get to control the unnecessary panic. In such a case people will grow suspicious (as they have now) and avoid buying the stuff. the other aspect is they go the route of maintaining a well informed populace. These are the logical aspects that most governments would take…but then you have to apply it to the people.

    in the first case people go out to buy all the chicken there is to put in their freezers, kind of like what happened with bread a few years back when the U.S. sent those packs of grain with insects in them. People rushed to buy up all the available bread under the assumption that the bad bread had not yet made it to the market…same with the bad chicken.

    in the second case, people will panic, people will not listen to any cautionary guidelines or systems the government sets up and you have people feeling the government kept it secret so they avoid chicken altogether.

    the first scenario drives up demand, and so the price also increases. the second drives prices down as supply becomes greater than demand. personally i think the first scenario is better for everyone as a whole. The only reason i trust that the government is not lying is because it’s too hard to keep a secret in jordan, lol something like this, everyone would know someone who they heard died of bird flu 😀


    salam, ah well. reminds me of stories our fathers would tell about playing in the dirt and rocks with no shoes and never getting hurt or catching any diseases. maybe ammanites are just hypochondriacs. 😀

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