Collateral Palestinian Babies

â??Israel’s justice ministry is deciding whether to prosecute a hospital that held a newborn baby for two months as a “guarantee” until a bill was paid.

The ministry intervened last week to force Jerusalem’s al-Muqaddas hospital to return the girl to her mother, an Israeli Arab married to a Palestinian.

The hospital said it was not certain Israel’s national insurance would cover the $2,150 (£1,250) treatment bill.

The mother, an Israeli citizen, gave birth to triplets two months ago. The births were premature and the babies required extensive hospital treatment.

Israeli Arabs, Israeli citizens of Palestinian descent, often complain of discrimination by Israeli institutions.

Because the children’s father was a Palestinian resident of the West Bank, the hospital demanded payment of the bill as it was not certain of recovering the costs from the National Insurance Institute (NII).

When the woman said she was unable to pay, the hospital released only two of the babies, keeping the third as a “guarantee”. The baby kept by the hospital was not in need of medical treatment. [source]â?


  • I think they are referring to Muslim Muqassad Hospital “اÙ?Ù?Ù?اصداÙ?اسÙ?اÙ?Ù?Ø©” so the hospital is ran by Palestinian descents .
    You know monsters come in all shapes and colors regardless!

    The doctor in question is called Dr.Hassan

    This is outrageous!

  • Sad and inhumane as usual…

    Hmmm, about the term “discrimination” I think we better use “Apathied” giving the difference! and given the fact that Israel is the only country in the world now practising aparthied…

  • From the source:
    “The al-Muqassad hospital is an charitable Arab-run hospital in East Jerusalem.”

    I agree, it is apartheid. Israeli Arabs need to stop discriminating against Palestinians. Just more of the usual brotherly love between Arabs we hear so much about.

    Yeah, Abu 7amarneh, those Israeli-Palestinians are truly one “cold-blooded nation” as you suggest. 😉

    More seriously, it should be pointed out that the hospital denies the allegations. I would extend the same objectivity and caution in taking all allegations at face value in regards to Israeli Arabs as I would to Israeli Jews. Let us wait to see what all the facts are before passing judgement.

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