M. Night Shyamalan’s Time to Dream

I am a huge M. Night Shyamalan fan, viagra 60mg pharmacy one of the few who can actually pronounce his name. He has a way of storytelling and directing that only makes you think: how the hell did he come up with that? Well American Express teamed up with M. Night recently to make this short 2 minute commercial I just saw last night on TV, click that attempts to show us just how M. Night takes time to dream what he dreams. His next movie, Lady in the Water, comes out this summer with Paul Giamatti


  • I saw this commercial last week and loved it. First I thought it was some kind of promotion for a new movie, then I realized it was simply an AmEx commercial. Either way, it was very nicely done.

    I often wonder why commercials in the Arab world aren’t exhibiting such creativity.

  • Sayed, well the gulf countries are making a move on creative commercials. i think (actually i assume) they just hire foreign directors and marketers.

    im positive in a few years we will see speilberg making commercials for the UAE. michael jordan making cameo appearances. everyone has a price. it’ll be like japan.

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