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Mostly acoustic ‘jems’ on the radio this week as spring is a few days away.

From Jack Johnson’s latest album, Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George, there are two pretty cool tracks. The first is “Broken” and the second features Ben Harper, entitled “My Own Two Hands”. It’s a worthy album to check out like I’ve said before.

The Sopranos are back on TV for their last season, so the news reminded me of a favorite episode of mine which ended with a beautiful piano song: “Wrapped in my Memory” by Shawn Smith.

Last week’s radio was all about Canadian music and Dana left a comment on that post mentioning Sarah Harmer. One of my favorite Canadian songs actually is a Sarah Harmer song but I couldn’t fit it in last week. So thanks to Dana for reminding me. Check out “Basement Apartment” by Harmer, a song which is suitable I suppose since I live in one.

Michael Stipe made a pretty cool six-song EP featuring remixed covers of Joseph Arthur’s “In the Sun” for the Katrina relief effort. He employed everyone from Justin Timberlake to the Black Eyed Peas. One of the covers is Stipe’s duet with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, which ends with Martin calling it “the best song ever written” (in his opinion). Also check out Joseph Arthur’s “Honey & the Moon”.

Lastly: Jem’s “Flying High” and a cool artist, Teitur, whose album “Poetry & Airplanes” should be checked out. Listen to “I was just thinking”.

Check’em all out on this week’s radio.

“We’re all made of blood and rust
looking for someone to trust
without a fight
i think that you came to soon
you’re the honey and the moon”

Honey & the Moon – Joseph Arthur


  • I LOVE “Basement Apartment.” Also, what are your thoughts on the new CD? It is a bit of the departure from the first one (which is my favorite) and the second one as well. Do you like “I am a Mountain”?

  • Dana, actually i didnt hear the whole CD but I did catch I am a Mountain, it’s a pretty good song actually. I’m sure you know Holly Mcnarland and her song “Beautiful Blue”.

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