Oscar Night in Review

Well I did alright. Crash did win for Best Picture, Reese for Best Actress, Rachel for Best Supporting, Clooney for Best Supporting. 4 out of 7 ain’t bad.

Sadly however the biggest disappointment of the night was the loss of Paradise Now. Not only did it loose but they changed the name of the location to “Palestinian Territories”. What the hell was that?!

And the rap song about a pimp winning an Oscar? You’re kidding me right? It’s wasn’t exactly Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ quality. Crash should’ve won that one.

Hoffman did a great job in Capote so I don’t think Phoenix was “robbed” per se, but I would’ve liked to see him win for playing Johnny Cash.

The first TV trailers for movies coming out this summer ran during the commercials. Hoffman plays the bad guy in Mission Impossible III. Tom Hanks, who demonstrated in a funny video during the awards the new Academy rules for acceptance speeches (and getting hit by a violin in the process), stars in what’s being described as the most anticipated film of our time: The Da Vinci Code, in May.
Jon Stewart did great in my opinion. The opening clips of previous hosts Billy Crystal, Chris Rock, David Letterman, Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin, all refusing the job and Jon Stewart getting the “call” in a dream where he wakes up to find some famous people in his bed, was just plain funny. I think a lot of stars wanted to see him do well.

Some of the funniest parts of his hosting were “campaign” attack videos of actresses in the Best Actress category. He definitely brought the politics of The Daily Show to the Oscars.


  • I havn’t seen it yet, did you watch it live or did you get the results from the internet? and i’m actualy interesting in watching Jon Stewart’s first oscar hosting experience.

  • Stewart is the man!
    But give me a break Nas!! You really think that it’s easy being a pimp?! 😉 I think there were a lot of jaw drops when that song won. Did you notice Spielberg’s reaction when he didn’t win best director? He didn’t even try to fake being happy for the winner.

  • not to be too contrary, but tsotsi is a really good film (it’s the south african film that beat “paradise now” in the foreign film category). i saw 3 of the 5 nominees in that category (tsotsi, paradise now, and joyeux noel) and i really did think that tsotsi was the best even though all 3 were strong films

    on the other hand, if it makes you feel any better, the oscars really are a crock. it’s always been about politics–the power of studios to lobby each other, etc. than which is really the best film. personally, i think a better guide is finding a critic or critics who you seem to agree with a lot and follow their advice. that works a lot better than following what a bunch of elderly hollywood executives think is a good movie

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