Performance for Firefox Bloggers

For the Firefox lover in all of you this is a nifty extension I’m trying out for the first time with this post, called Performancing. Basically it allows you to have a little icon on the status bar of your Firefox browser that you can click on and get a ‘window’ that allows you to blog directly from the browser to your account. It works with WordPress, Movable Type and Blogger.

It has a stunning WYSIWYG editor that puts the WordPress 2.0.1 version to shame. You can for once increase font size, change text color. You can edit the html. You can get a live preview.

Even cooler is that it automatically inserts technocrati tags for your posts. There’s also Delicious integration.

Another nifty feature is when surfing a page, you can right click on the screen and select under Performancing in the pop up window you can choose “blog this page” which opens up the performancing window that has a link to the page you were browsing, all set up for you to blog about it.

Make sure you have the latest Firefox installed. Check out the extension.

UPDATE: It’s faster at posting than WordPress. And also you can save your own custom ‘templates’ as notes to insert whenever you want (e.g. special

tags and what not)

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