Natalie Portman on SNL

Last night I was watching Natalie Portman on SNL and she was simply put just brilliant as a host. For a live show it felt like she was filming a movie. Anyways here are two highlighted skits that everyone will be talking about at the water cooler (if they still exist). One is a Digital Short where Natalie raps about the darker side of her life no one knows about. The second is about those crazy caffeinated employees that work at places like Starbucks or “Jamba Juice”. You can also watch a great monologue where she puts Star Wars fans to rest. Warning: if you’re a fan of Portman and have always seen her as the young innocent type, you might not want to pass on the first one!

(It’s safe to say Andy Samdberg was probably the architect of this one)

(strawberry nirvana is such a good name for a juice)


  • You know, I didn’t watch all of it last night, but I did switch on to SNL just as they were starting that rap skit, and I just couldn’t watch, it was too painful. I mean come on, doesn’t this scream to you “Please jump on this like you did on Lazy Sunday? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!” Is this how desperate SNL have become?

    And for some reason, I don’t like Natalie Portman anymore :[

  • Hmmm, I never really liked Natalie Portman. I mean I do not even remember any movies I saw with her in it. And rap video is a bit too much. It was too long and repetative. Maybe if they made it shorter and didnt repeat too much, it would be funny. It was funny in the begining but then it just dragged.

    The jamba juice one was on the spot. hehehehe!

  • I love natalie madly. Her videos rock! Everything about her rocks! She can do no wrong.

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